BandLab has bought Airbit, an online beat store, as the online music creation & social network continues to grow with its user-base.

BandLab is acquiring Airbit – an online beat marketplace that boasts over two million beat sales on its platform. In a bid to expand its creator toolset and provide alternative revenue sources for creators on the platform.

Bandlab Technologies, the parent company of the artist services platform ReverbNation, offer Bandlap as a free-to-use DAW and social music creation platform, in addition to Cakewalk – their reputable, professional-level DAW. Bandlab allows anyone, anywhere, to make music online, and I consider it to be one of the best free DAWs around. Bandlab is a mobile-first cross-platform DAW and social network that provides users with all of the tools they need to start making music.

BandLab offers free music creation tools across computers & mobile devices.
BandLab offers free music creation tools across computers & mobile devices.

Bandlab buys Airbit, giving beat makers an integrated service to create beats and sell them

Now, Bandlab users have the opportunity to cook their beats in Bandlab and sell them on Airbit in one integrated service. In fact, BandLab’s acquisition of Airbit adds to BandLab’s list of services also including SongStarter, the AI musical idea generator – providing artists with services for music creation and promotion.

Artists have earned over $45M+ on Airbit with over 2M+ beats having been sold, and the platform itself boasts a catalog of more than a million beats from notable & merging producers. But BandLab’s acquisition of Airbit is set to expand Airbit’s current audience to millions of new customers.

The acquisition of Airbit comes after two artists recently hit the Billboard charts while using Bandlab’s services. Boasting over 60M+ users, BandLab states it “has grown with its user base, always developing or integrating the latest tools an artist needs”.

“We are thrilled to bring Airbit’s community to BandLab. We are continually looking for opportunities to support BandLab artists in their creative process, and this has been one of our communities most requested features,” says Meng Ru Kuok, CEO & Founder of BandLab Technologies.

Meng continues “Thanks to companies like Airbit, self-serve beat marketplaces have become an exciting route for creators to find and purchase high-quality beats to kickstart their creative process. We’re excited to improve the user experience for our creators and introduce new ways for them to earn a living.”

All current Airbit employees will remain with the company, but Wasim Khamlichi, the Airbit CEO, is to step down after a transition period. However, users can expect “an uninterrupted integration of Airbit’s features into BandLab’s creator platform”, which is said to be happening in the near future.

CEO of Airbit, Wasim Khamlichi, says, “Airbit shares BandLab’s ethos of allowing music makers every opportunity to find success. Airbit was started with the intent to empower creators as artists and entrepreneurs through new technologies and forward-thinking music monetization tools. Since Airbit was founded in 2009, it has grown to become a powerful platform for hundreds and thousands of creators. BandLab is best positioned to take it to the next level.”

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