Get an early look at your Apple Music Replay 2023. Plenty of time to eliminate those guilty-pleasures from featuring later this year.

Apple Music Replay is the music streaming service’s personalized annual playlist of your 100 most-streamed tracks. Much like Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music also provides an end of year highlight reel of your favourite artists, albums, tracks and other big moments of the year, in a shareable graphic. Unlike Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay for the current year is available almost year-round (rather than dropping all at once in December), allowing you to easily keep tabs on your live-updated most-played tracks of the year. If you’ve streamed enough in January, your Apple Music Replay 2023 will be available today.

How to find and listen to your Apple Music Replay 2023

You should find all of your Replays for each year at the bottom of the Listen Now page on any device. Tap the cover art listing ’23 for this year’s. Tap the plus icon in the top right corner to add the playlist to your Library. If you don’t see Replay 2023, you may need to do some more listening. Head to and click “Get started” to see your progress on unlocking the playlist.