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The platform formerly known as Twitter has dismissed a suit against them for the illegal use of music on their platform.

The Elon Musk owned social media giant faced a copyright infringement lawsuit earlier in the year from a group of major music publishers. NMPA brought the suit to light on behalf of 17 music publishers, claiming that X (once Twitter) benefits from music on the platform without paying royalties for the use of it.

At the time, NMPA Chief Executive David Israelite said: “Twitter stands alone as the largest social media platform that has completely refused to license the millions of songs in its service.”

The social media company has requested that the case be dismissed by the court. The music publishers have fought back in an opposition of the motion to dismiss stating that there is ample evidence to fight the case with $250 million in damages on the line.

In the case, the music publishers claim that the social media company doesn’t have a proper policy in place for dealing with repeat copyright infringements. They also claim they do not respond to takedown requests.

They add that from the upload of music content to X, X Corp. are able to draw in advertising revenue from the engagement on the illegal uses of music. They quote X themselves saying that “people are more likely to follow a music-related account than any other type of accounts”.

Even with a strong case, it seems all parties might be in for a long, protracted affair. Musk wrote last year: “My commitment: We will never seek victory in a just case against us, even if we will probably win. We will never surrender/settle an unjust case against us, even if we will probably lose.”