Baby Audio Crystalline: a reverb that provides unprecedented control

Image Credit: Gear News

Baby Audio continues its wave of useful and cool plugin releases. Both Magic Dice and Magic Switch are freebies that provide crazy cool effects for your music. But now Baby Audio has released Crystalline, a reverb plugin that uses modern technology to build on classic technology.

Baby Audio have said their idea has been to give you “unprecedented creative control to shape your reflections”, reports Gear News. Beginning with familiar controls like Size, Width and Damping, Baby Audio Crystalline also packs less common controls for creating unique reverbs.

Baby Audio Crystalline

Let’s get into them. The Reflections section allows you to determine the size of the room – independent of the reverb length. Furthermore, you’ll find a Sparkle control that emphasizes the higher frequencies. And finally, you’ll also find a stereo width control in this section too.

Baby Audio Crystalline gives you “unprecedented creative control to shape your reflections”.
Image Credit: Baby Audio

Let’s move on to the Depth section. Here, you’ll find a Resolution parameter that controls how complex the reverb algorithm should be. In turn, this affects how much CPU power is necessary. Moreover, you’ll find a Modulation control that allows you to create musical pitch variations. And a Shimmer parameter allows you to adjust how fast or slow the high frequencies of your reverb decay.

In the Clean-Up section, a Damping control and a Sides parameter allow you to control the low end and remove unwanted stereo information. Additionally, a Gate control allows you to emulate classic 80s gated reverbs.

And finally, the Shape section gives you a Tone EQ. In addition, you’ll find a Smoothing control that allows you to “mellow out” the harshness of your reverb. And a Transients control allows you to focus the reverb on either the attack or sustain phases of the signal!

But Baby Audio hasn’t stopped there. Crystalline includes even more comprehensive controls that allow you to sync the reverb start and decay times to your project tempo too. We can save ourselves both time and the stress of parameter fiddling by musically synchronizing the reflections of our reverb to our music.

Finally, an integrated Ducker effect will automatically duck your reverb when your incoming signal is playing. You’ll also find Reverse and Freeze options too!

Price and compatibility

You can get Baby Audio Crystalline at an introductory price of $49 now at Plugin Boutique until May 16, 2022. Its regular price will be $99.

Crystalline runs on macOS 10.7 or higher with Native Apple Silicon support. Additionally, it runs on Windows 7 or higher and is available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats.

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