Apple Music Finally Comes to Sonos December 15th

Apple Music will at long last work with Sonos so you can stream Beats 1 radio or any song from Apples library of 30 million around your home.

Apple Music is now 5 months old and in that time has gained at least 15 million subscribers, introduced its acclaimed 24/7 online radio station, brought its service to Android devices and more. Now, fulfilling their promise of Apple Music compatibility by the end of the year, Sonos wireless home audio devices will be able to stream from Apple Music.

Sonos speakers use your home Wi-Fi network to connect to other devices on the network, which you can then use to stream music from a variety of streaming services like Google Play Music, Spotify, most recently Amazon Prime and soon Apple Music.

Sonos say it will be available on December 15th although Apple Music will only be working in beta on Sonos, but it will work nonetheless. Sonos said in a blog post:

The teams at Apple and Sonos have been working very hard to bring Apple Music to Sonos, and look forward to hearing your feedback. Because it’s a preview, we know there are areas we’ll need to improve, and we’ll continue to do so throughout the beta.

Apple Music is a fantastic service, and you will have the ability to stream all your favourite feature, including For You, New, Radio, and My Music through our smart speakers tuned for great sound in any or every room of your home. If you have family accounts, up to six of them can be added to your Sonos experience, so everyone in the house can listen to music their way. You can even share songs and playlists with each other in a unique way that only Sonos can deliver.

Together, Apple Music and Sonos hope to transform your life at home with the power of streaming music.

You can learn how to sign up to be a part of the beta for Apple Music on Sonos at:

If you haven’t tried Apple Music yet you can sign up for a free three-month trial at

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