Tidal’s App Now No. 1 Thanks To New Kanye West Album

Kanye West’s long, long awaited album The Life of Pablo released yesterday exclusively on Tidal, pushing their app to number 1 in the world.

After almost 3 years Kanye West’s latest album was released yesterday, but to the chagrin of many West fans it was made available exclusively on Tidal. Disappointing for those not willing to sign up to a different streaming provider but not so disappointing for Jay Z, who owns the semi successful music streaming service.

For fans of Ye Guevara there’s no need to worry as the album releases officially next week. This album exclusivity isn’t bad news for everyone, especially Tidal itself as with Kanye’s encouragement and exclusive release Tidal has seen a wave (get it?) of new subscribers or at least interested parties. This boost has gone so far as to push their iOS app to the top of the App Store charts and to number 30 in the ‘Top Grossing’ apps.

While it’s unclear how many people have actually signed up to Tidal since Kanye announced his albums release but either way this serves as great publicity for the streaming service. Tidal relaunched last year with a host of popular artists at the helm however hasn’t managed to gain the popularity of competitors like Apple Music, which released later last year and now has over 11 million subscribers.

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