Image credit: Instagram

Everyone can now download Instagram Reels from the app to their devices, but what does this mean for copyrighted music?

This week, head of Instagram confirmed an exciting new feature. All users can now download Instagram Reels that are available publicly. The feature lets you take Reels off the app and offline.

To download Instagram Reels, it’s as simple as tapping on the share button and selecting ‘Download’. Instagram added the feature for US users earlier in 2023. The feature is now available to users globally.

Creators have the option to turn off the download option on their Reels. To turn off Reels downloads, head to Settings, Privacy, and Reels and Remix, then tap the toggle under ‘Allow people to download your Reels’.

Reels downloaded from Instagram will feature an Instagram watermark. In 2021, Instagram stopped promoting clips that featured a TikTok or similar watermark.

Recently, Instagram began testing a new feature for post collaboration. It allows posters to invite their friends to contribute images to a carousel before it goes live.

However, many users complained that they didn’t want new users until the issue of creators’ reach being restricted on Instagram. Users claim that their posts simply aren’t showing up in the majority of their followers’ feeds. There have been no statements on this from Mosseri or Instagram as of yet.

Do Instagram Reels downloads include copyrighted music?

When you download Instagram reels that contain licensed audio, the file will not feature any audio. Any Reels that have added music from Instagram’s sound library won’t feature audio in downloads.

This is to protect the rights of music creators and rightsholders. Offline downloads cannot be registered for plays. By restricting the audio of Reels with music to the platform, it allows Instagram to pay artists and labels for every play.

To add your music to Instagram’s library for use in Reels and earnings generated on every play, head to RouteNote. You can add your music to Instagram and beyond for free at