SoundCloud’s charts are getting a refresh to promote emerging talent and enhance music discovery for listeners, with new features on the way.

This week, SoundCloud have relaunched their music charts in the UK and US. With a fresh new approach and even a new chart, SoundCloud want to put a spotlight on the new and rising artists across their platform.

First up, Soundcloud have revamped their ‘New & Hot Chart. The chart will highlight the artists making moves and starting to gain traction with their tracks. The chart will go live every Thursday, offering an insight into the trending songs a day earlier than most charts.

Fresh on the scene is their new Next Pro Chart. The goal of this list is to spotlight and promote brand new and emerging artists. It will feature a focus on independent and unsigned music.

SoundCloud has always been an independent-focused platform, offering artists a means to easily upload their tracks and share them with the world. In recent years, they have transformed to encompass a more general music service approach with the addition of on-demand streaming with a catalogue of label music.

SoundCloud’s new charts and updates are looking to refocus some of their attention back on the independents making up their platform. SoundCloud is unique as a platform that allows direct music uploads with global access.

Global Head of Music at SoundCloud, Emmy Lovell said of SoundCloud’s new charts: “For artists, both aspiring and established, Charts are more than just numbers; they symbolize validation, credibility, and a gateway to opportunities like record label signings, festival bookings, award nominations, global tours, and more.

“SoundCloud recognizes the paramount importance of mainstream charts, such as Billboard and The Official Charts, as indicators of success in the music industry, and we’re thrilled to enhance our own presence and credibility in this dynamic landscape.”

SoundCloud’s new features

SoundCloud have also revealed a bunch of updates on the way or recently dropped for listeners. First up is a new search page, promoting discovery with genre-based categories to explore beneath the search bar.

New playlists ‘Your Mix’ and ‘Your MegaMix’ feature algorithmic selections of music tailored to each listeners tastes. SoundCloud promise “cutting-edge music intelligence” that uses listening history and engagement to create the ideal personalised playlists.

Finally, they’re bringing their “music intelligence-powered themed playlists” to the US. These playlists bring together songs to create a particular vibe based on Musiio technology. These playlists have seen success elsewhere and will now be available in the US, updated every Wednesday.

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