Anthony Keyrouz has been finding his tracks in huge playlists across Spotify lately and ‘Dance With Your Devil’ is featured in one of their biggest this week.

It never stops being exciting when we see the artists we work with to get their music out there featured in the biggest playlists around. Anthony Keyrouz has been going from strength to strength with his releases gaining millions of streams and fans.

We were incredibly excited to see his latest track Dance With Your Devil added to Spotify’s Dance Rising this week. The playlists has almost 2 million followers tuning in each week for the latest and greatest in dance music that is blowing up or on the rise.

Dance With Your Devil is blowing up with EDM lovers around the world since its release on the 11th. It’s featured in a host of Spotify’s hottest playlists including their new release spotlights: New Music Friday Deutschland, Friday Cratediggers, New Dance Beats, and many more.

The brand new release from Keyrouz, who is renowned by deep house lovers, features Séb Mont providing the vocals for this hot track that will have you keening for the return of clubs as soon as possible.

Check out this hot new release on Spotify below.