The most-followed playlists for blue, jazz, adult standards, bebop, post-bop, cool jazz, modern blues, bossa nova, vocal jazz and lounge music.

This list is partially based on Chartmetric’s genre tags for each of Spotify’s playlists.

1. All Out 60s

Genres: Adult Standards

2.49 million likes

2. Coffee Table Jazz

Genres: Bebop, Contemporary Post-Bop

2.33 million likes

3. Christmas Classics

Genres: Adult Standards

2.20 million likes

4. Jazz Classics

Genres: Jazz, Bebop, Cool Jazz

2.15 million likes

5. Late Night Jazz

Genres: Jazz, Cool Jazz

1.87 million likes

6. All Out 50s

Genres: Adult Standards

1.39 million likes

7. Swagger

Genres: Modern Blues

1.34 million likes

8. O Melhor da MPB

Genres: Bossa Nova

1.17 million likes

9. Jazzy Romance

Genres: Adult Standards, Vocal Jazz

1.05 million likes

10. This Is Frank Sinatra

Genres: Adult Standards, Lounge