Amazon have launched a new ad-supported video service for creators to reach Amazon users, increasing competition between YouTube and parent company Google.

Amazon Video Direct is the new platform from tech giants Amazon and allows video uploads from anyone, who can then earn money from ads and Prime subscribers. As of yesterday users with an Amazon account can upload original or licensed videos of their own to the Video Direct. Once you’ve uploaded your video you can choose whether to make it available for free, through paywalls like Prime or other subscriptions, or make it available to rent and buy.

President of Samuel Goldwyn Films, Peter Goldwyn said: “We have the control to create unique distribution strategies that reflect the changing ways in which our audiences discover our films.” Whilst Andrea Carpenter from Mattel, Inc. said: “The upload and publishing process is easy and fast, and we can directly monitor our performance through our online dashboard.”

Amazon Video Prime YouTube

The optional royalty route is an interesting one and opens up more freedom for creators to dictate how their videos are presented to users. When uploaded to Video Direct videos will be made available in the US, UK, Germany, Austria, and Japan where Amazon Video is available. Videos will be streamable on any compatible device – Fire TV, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, Smart TVs and of course on computers.

Amazon are making their service transparent for creators so that uploaders can see minutes streamed, subscriber numbers, revenue projections, and a history of payments giving creators a chance to optimise their videos to suit their audience and work out the method of revenue generating that works best for them.

Amazon are also offering a giant prize draw every month as an incentive for uploaders. Every month Amazon will share out $1,000,000 between the Top 100 titles included with Prime through Amazon Video Direct. The bonus is based on customer engagement around the world will be open to any video titles included within Prime and comes as an addition to revenues earned traditionally.

Find out more from Amazon’s Video Direct page here.