Amazon Separate Prime Video and Launch Monthly Subscriptions

Today Amazon have introduced an alternative monthly plan for their Prime service and give a separate option for just Prime Video monthly.

Amazon’s Prime bundle service has long been a bargain with next-day delivery, music streaming, video streaming and more all for $99 a year. Now Amazon are updating their service so that you can subscribe monthly, for those who want to try it out or pay throughout the year rather than a one-off payment.

For $10.99 you can now have access to all of Amazon Prime’s perks for a month at a time. Additionally a new option has been added for just Amazon Prime Video, Amazon’s answer to Netflix, for $8.99 a month. This is a clever move as Netflix plan to raise their monthly price to $9.99 over the next few weeks, putting Amazon’s rising rival service at a cost advantage.

Prime video monthly

These new monthly plans provide a great option for customers who want to trial the service or are looking just to use the video streaming aspect. Amazon’s yearlong Prime subscription is still the best option however giving you access to everything in Prime for $99. The monthly subscriptions add up to $107.88 a year for Prime Video and $131.88 for Prime if subscribed for a year.

Amazon have slowly been making their name in video streaming with quality original series and movies like The Man in the High Castle and Mad Dogs. Now available as a standalone TV and movie streaming service Prime Video is now in direct competition with Netflix. Amazon’s ambiguously successful music streaming service remains part of a bundle however Amazon revealed last year they plan to separate their music service and provide a better experience with it soon.

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