Amazon Music is following in the footsteps of Spotify with the limited launch of a new AI playlist generator.

Amazon Music is joining the AI-powered playlist generation game with its new feature Maestro, currently in beta testing for select users in the US. This innovative tool allows users to create custom playlists using spoken, written prompts, and even emojis.

Prompts can be anything from direct instructions for how the playlist should sound, to more abstract definers like emotions and activities. If you’re stuck for inspiration then the tool will provide you with a selection of prompts at the bottom of your screen. The Maestro will then produce your playlist in seconds.

The product has launched in beta and Amazon warn that Maestro “won’t always get it right the first time”. Whilst in its current phase of testing the feature is only available for Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited customers in the US on iOS and Android.

A “subset” of free Amazon Music listeners in the US will also have access to Maestro. However, those free users will only be able to listen to 30-second previews of the songs provided in the generated playlist.

Amazon Music listeners will need the latest version of the app on their devices to find the feature. It should display both on the home screen and when users tap the ‘+’ sign to create a new playlist.

Spotify recently launched their own AI playlisting tool which is also currently in beta testing. It’s currently available to Spotify Premium subscribers in the United Kingdom and Australia on Android and iOS devices.

Amazon haven’t given any suggestion as to when they might update the feature or launch it more widely to users in other territories.

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