Tested alongside other monetization options last November, Instagram Gifts are now available to all US creators.

All creators can now access Instagram Gifts. Head to your Professional Dashboard to turn on Gifts for all past, present and future Reels.

Viewers worldwide, wanting to show their appreciation, will be able to purchase you themed virtual Gifts with stars – Instagram’s in-app currency. When watching a Reel from a creator who’s turned on Gifts, viewers will see a “Send gift” button in the bottom left corner. They can then top up their balance with stars, purchase a gift and send it to the creator.

Once the creator has received $100 in Gifts, these can be cashed out for real money. Instagram are working to expand Gifts to more creators worldwide.

We love the gifting feature since it allows our followers to contribute to our content journey. When our audience can share a monetized token of appreciation with us, we are able to allocate more time toward producing additional content that they’ll love. It keeps our 9-5 focus on ensuring that a day won’t go by without our audience enjoying a laugh!


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