As music streaming takes over the world it was just a matter of time before music-based talent shows found a way into the streaming arena.

All 3 major labels, Universal, Sony, and Warner, have teamed up for a new X-Factor type contest that uses music streaming to pick the winners. The contest, simply called ‘The Stream’, is a collaborative effort between the labels and Norwegian program rights company Nordic World.

The online-based competition cites the success of artist like Justin Bieber, Adele, and Kygo as examples of how you can be discovered online and go on to worldwide success. They describe The Stream as:

The Stream gives ordinary people and new talent a chance to be discovered and chosen in the exact same way – through the Internet and social media. The world’s leading record companies Universal, Sony, and Warner Music, together with Spotify – are all working together on The Stream to find the next big artist.

To be chosen undiscovered talent uploads a video of themselves performing to The Stream’s website where it can be viewed publicly. Once the video is uploaded people can view, stream and share the video to gain it attention. After the online “auditions” are closed the 100 most streamed artists will be invited to a showcase.

At the showcase acts will perform in front of reps for the 3 record labels. Warner, Sony and Universal’s reps then choose 40 artists to keep back and work closely with. At the end of the week each label will choose their 3 favourite artists who will be signed to the record company.

Once signed to a label the acts will all compete in a weekly live show. Their music will also be on Spotify at this point, where viewers and fans can stream their favourite acts. This is where Spotify comes in as the least streamed artist that week faces the risk of eviction from the competition.

It’s up to the audience which artists stay in the competition, and which ones have to leave, based on the number of streams as well as traditional voting during the live shows. The winner of The Stream is the most streamed artist – discovered and chosen by the public. In a new era that demands new stars, The Stream takes talent shows to the next level and speaks the language of our generation.

The Stream is open to all talents, whether you’re a band, solo singer, electronic producer and anything in-between. The aim of the competition is to find the next musical star, but without a particular act in mind.

Keep an eye out for when The Stream launches.