Algoriddim djay can now detect tracks with Shazam

Image credit: Music Tech

You can now mix and identify tracks on the go with the new Algoriddim djay through Shazam.

Algoriddim has integrated ShazamKit with djay, enabling DJs to identify and immediately mix music with Shazam’s audio recognition tech. The tech harnesses the Shazam capabilities found in iOS 15.

The app allows you to detect tracks at events, on radio, or if you’re a DJ at a back-to-back set with another performer. You can use djay to load the track, once recognized by Shazam into a virtual deck. Once it’s in the virtual decks it will play in sync with the live track.

DJs can then use djay’s Automix feature to create a mix with similar tracks, or browse their own library to blend in the next beat. Alternatively, the Shazam’d track can be manipulated with djay’s Neural Mix technology to isolate stems of the track, including vocals, drums, and instrumentation.

“Integrating Shazam into djay completely transforms the creative workflow of DJs” says Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim. “As a DJ you are constantly on the lookout for great new music to play at your next gig, but identifying a track and the process of getting it into your library has been a challenging task with no seamless way to do it. Now, whenever you hear a great song you can load it into djay’s decks with the tap of a button and instantly unleash your creativity,”.

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