Image credit: Rahul Chakraborty

You can share music via your Echo devices and you don’t need the same music services to do so.

If you’re like us you’ve probably got a variety if playlists and tracks you think are an absolute bop. You probably are inclined to share said bops too, the traditional way of sending the link to a friend may come a thing of the past (copy and paste is so 2019). If you’re the owner of an Amazon Echo device then you can simply share the song with your Alexa contacts via the device or Alexa app. All you need to do is ask the voice assistant to “share this song with” a contact and not only can they listen but also send a reaction. 

The best part of this function is that you don’t necessarily need Amazon Music, or even the same streaming service as you recipient. Alexa will find the track on any streaming services available, if there’s no match, you’ll still get a station based on the artists name and song title. 

You can use the feature by enabling Alexa Communications. If you’re unsure about the contacts that can receive the song, simply start a new message to see who’s available. 

Amazon recently stated that this is “just the beginning” of the feature, hinting at possible expansion in the future. For now though, unshackle yourself from the ways of the past and share music vocally with your friends via your various Echo and Alexa systems.