Image Credit: AiMi

AiMi 2.0 gives the app an entirely new interface and drops the subscriptions. You set the mood and the app will learn what music you love.

Launched in May last year, AiMi is an AI-powered electronic music streaming app. Hit play and AiMi will provide an endless stream of adaptable music. As you thumbs-up and thumbs-down tracks, the AI will tailor the music to your tastes. Want to switch up the music entirely, just hit the shuffle button. Last week, AiMi rolled out an update to their music app.

AiMi 2.0 introduces a totally new interface. The energy level and 30 minutes of limited free music are replaced by six new endless music experiences to choose from. These include: Serenity with “soothing sounds”, Flow with “lo-fi beats”, Chill with “relaxing vibes”, Lounge with “groovy beats”, Deep with “deep house” and Push “push your limits”. Music is chosen by AiMi’s team of producers such as Knobcult, DJ Monarke, Blond:ish and a handful of others.

The previous version of AiMi included a 1 to 10 energy level. This dial shifted the music between slower minimal music and faster more sophisticated music. Instead the app are allowing users to choose a specific style of music. The thumbs-up and thumbs-down button are staying around to let the AI learn what kind of music you like and dislike. Previously the app generated 30 minutes of free music everyday, while a $5.99 per month subscription would unlock unlimited music. This pricing has been dropped, allowing you to listen to as much music as you like, ad-free and free of charge. How AiMi will monetize the app going forwards is unclear.

Head to the App Store to update the app or download for free on iPhone and iPad here.

The app is reminiscent of AI Lullaby, the collaboration project we saw from electronic artist Grimes and tech company Endel last year.