Image Credit: AeroBand

PocketDrum are Bluetooth drumsticks that pair with your phone to remove the big, bulky, expensive and noisy aspect of playing the drums.

Learning to play the drums is a big commitment for any aspiring musicians. But what if you could fit the entire drumkit into your pocket for under $70? AeroBand’s PocketDrum hopes to provide you with the full drumming experience in an ultra-portable, light form factor.

Originally launched on Indiegogo, PocketDrum are now available to purchase directly from AeroBand. The drumsticks pair to the AeroBand app on your phone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0. The app features three modes for beginners learning the basics and pros honing their craft: tutorial, game and freeplay mode. Alternatively pair the sticks to GarageBand to play, record and share your projects with the world. The drumsticks have a 6ms latency, respond to velocity and provide the player with realistic haptic perception. A single charge will give you around 10 hours of drumming.

AeroBand’s PocketDrum are available in Pure White, Night Club (black) with synchronized LEDs and Too Real (wood). They are currently on sale, with the drumsticks alone starting at just $69.99, usually $99.99, while the sticks with 2 foot sensors start at $119, usually $159.