Accusonus are helping creators improve the audio in their videos so creators’ content is the best it can be.

Accusonus is an artificial intelligence company based in Greece and the US. Their technology works to enhance and improve audio in a variety of ways for both music and other sound recordings.

In their own words, their goal is to open up the access to high quality audio through their AI-powered technology. Through their software they hope to enable creators with the power to refine their raw audio without requiring a particular knowledge in audio engineering/tuning.

With a new $3.3 million round of funding Accusonus are able to develop their tools even further and take them to a wider audience. The funding was led by Venture Friends and featured Big Pi, IQBility and PJ Tech, as well as other US-based investors, throwing their hats into the ring.

The company debuted with a program called Drumatom in 2014. The software specialised in cutting out microphone bleeding in drum recordings. Then in 2017 they launched Regroover which mixed audio loops down into stems for chopping and remixing with new capabilities.

Their have been focusing recently on more general clean-up tools for audio. They have developed a series of simple tools made to clean up audio specifically for video creators and podcasters.

Their new suite of audio repairing tools look to solve the issues with recording on cheaper microphones or smartphones. Accusonus co-founder and CEO Alex Tsilfdis says that they’ve fine tuned their products to make them accessible for all users and speed up the workflow for audio and video editing whether you’re a beginner or pro.

As testament to the power of their tools, they have been notably used by major artists such as Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Goo Goo Dolls, Super Furry Animals, Wilco, and many more.