Image Credit: Ableton

Recently, Ableton launched Learning Synths – a free site that they have designed to teach the basics of synthesis. Well, it’s had an upgrade.

Learning Synths update

Now you can now save your sounds and share them with your peers! This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to get into sound design. While you can save your sounds for future use, the ability to share them allows you to get feedback from your peers who may be learning the same tricks or have some experience.

But that’s not all. To illustrate, you can start designing a sound in Learning Synths and transfer it over to the Ableton Live DAW. Here, you can record up to 60 seconds of audio! As a result, synth novices can learn the fundamentals of synthesis, record a sequence and gradually move to work with a bigger project in Ableton. Whether a self-led learner or via class, this combination will be a great suite of education tools.

There are also new ways of playing with sounds – an XY pad for navigating sounds, plus the ability to mess around with presets in a Playground or Live.

Full features

New feature additions, as reported by CDM, include:

  • Export allows us to turn our creations into a Max for Live synth contained within a Live Set.
  • Record Now, you can capture a total of 60 seconds of audio. More specifically, you can record your synth while you manipulate its sound via control parameters.
  • A configurable XY pad in the Playground allows you to experiment with a bunch of new sound combinations quickly – much like vector synthesis.
  • “Open in Playground” buttons enable you to edit your sounds on lesson pages in much more detail in the Playground. Then you can explore them further in Live.
  • Dark mode support Now you can choose between a light and dark mode, based on your preferences
  • Turkish, Finnish and Portuguese language support has also been added.

Don’t forget to check out Learning Synths here!