Devialet’s 4,500 watt beauty is not only one of the most expensive bluetooth speakers around, but features unrivalled power and sound quality for an ultra music experience.

The Gold Phantom is the peak of Devialet’s super powerful bluetooth speakers, offering enough power to fill a stadium with it’s incredible drivers pushing out beautifully crisp highs with a beefy low end that keeps it’s clarity all the way up to 11. The incredible power behind the Devialet can recreate the sound of being front row at a concert or sitting in a car with a totally pimped sound system with bass so heavy you can physically feel the sound.

YouTube tech channel ‘Unbox Therapy‘ recently got their hands on the Gold Phantom monster and showed it in action. Even just watching it be played through on a video you can see the immense power behind the Gold Phantom as the shell vibrates and the reviewer’s jaw drops to subterranean levels. In the video he says: “Put this around a group of people and I do not believe, for 1 second, that there will be one person there that’s mind is not blown.”

Devialet’s Gold Phantom speaker isn’t just made to play songs from your phone via Bluetooth and can connect up to multiple devices through an optical connection to give your blu-rays or video games a massive boost in audio for a totally new listening experience. With 4,500 watts and 108 decibels packed inside this cat-sized speaker you have the power to fill any room with top notch audio.

Devialet say: “Gold Phantom is the result of the obsessional quest for excellency by Devialet’s engineers and designers. It packs new patented inventions pushing to the extreme Phantom performances. Solo, duo or multi-room, Phantom plays your music via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Let the best sound in the world enter your home.”

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