Sonnox joins the Focusrite Group as Focusrite expand into more markets.

Sonnox plugins are renowned production tools in the audio industry. Their plugins are used for a number of applications such as live sound, broadcast, TV, and film, in addition to mixing, and mastering. Sonnox has a lineage that traces back to the 1980s, and you’ve definitely heard their tools in action Sonnox – even if you haven’t heard of the brand.

In fact, SONNOX is the maker of what became widely accepted as the first ‘musical’ sounding digital console – the Oxford OXF-R3.

Now, for £9.1 million, the brand is the latest to join the Focusrite Group. The Focusrite Group already houses a number of renowned brands such as Novation and Adam Audio, but now the group has made its first acquisition in the software market, a £9.1 million purchase of Oxford-based Sonnox.

Tim Carroll, CEO of the Focusrite Group, said in a press release, “It is an absolute pleasure to welcome the [Sonnox] team to the Focusrite Group. Sonnox products are globally recognized as best in class, making them a natural fit in our stable, and we are all excited about the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead.”

“This is our first acquisition in the audio software market. Sonnox’s products are globally recognised as best-in-class, making them a natural fit,” he continues, “we are all excited about the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead with the collective expertise of our combine sales and R&D teams”.

Rod Densham, founder of Sonnox, will continue to manage Sonnox and fretain all 16 members of his team who have built the company from the ground, says, “Sonnox is in a strong financial position, expanding our customer base and consistently delivering profit. We believe that by joining Focusrite, with its scale, industry expertise and range of premium brands, we can continue to grow.”

Densham was a member of the original team tasked with developing the OXF-R3 in the ’80s. Then he led the team that ported Sony’s digital signal processing algorithms into software plugins. Then Densham acquired the same team from Sony in 2007 to form Sonnox.

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