You’ll never guess who might be making a new DAW, at last!

Some developments suggest that we may finally be seeing music production software from one of the worlds biggest makers of tech – Microsoft.

Despite meagre attempts at joining the market, Microsoft have weirdly stayed out of the world of music production for the most part. Whilst rival Apple has become renowned for its own DAW software and being capable of running heavy music software, Microsoft has sat out happy in its support of the plethora of production and recording software available for Windows.

Now it seems like that could all be changing soon as Microsoft are looking for employees “with experience building best-in-class products”. In a KVR forum post where someone reportedly part of the team advertised the new positions, they titled the post – “Microsoft looking for Audio Developers in the VI/VST space”.

The positions advertised are looking for a ‘Senior Program Manager (Digital Audio Software)‘ and ‘Senior Music Software Engineer Lead‘. Both adverts begin saying, “We aspire for hundreds of millions of people to use Microsoft tools for creative expression seamlessly across their everyday lives. Our team is growing…” before becoming specific to the role.

Whilst trying to remain as subtle as possible the adverts reveal some puzzle pieces of what Microsoft might be working towards. In their description of the Senior Program Manager role, they write:

As a senior program manager in the group, you will use your background in digital audio software, virtual instruments, or game audio platforms to partner with our Audio Engine team to prototype and build a software platform that enables new music entertainment scenarios. You will research customer habits and difficulties in digital music creation, audio software tech, and identity differentiated experiences for our team. You will craft feature specs that drive new ideas in software technology that enable music expression and enjoyment.

Imagine yourself helping unlock creative expression for people who have something to say musically, but don’t have the skills or vocabulary to make it happen. You will prototype idea, technologies and techniques to realise this dream.

We can gather that Microsoft definitely intend to build a new piece of music software that allows you to ‘express’ yourself musically. This suggest a DAW however the following lines suggesting that it should be accessible for beginners, perhaps even complete novice’s with music and music software. Hopefully this isn’t pointing towards something along the lines of Microsoft’s embarrassing Songsmith software

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