We7 To Launch Music Streaming Service to Compete with Spotify, Grooveshark and MOG

We7 boss Steve Purdham revealed on-stage at MidemNet that the streaming music firm will launch its premium offering on 1 February.

The company has announced more details:

  • Unlimited stream access to more than 4 million songs – £4.99 a month, no ads.
  • Premium Plus includes the above plus mobile access with iPhone and Android apps – £9.99 per month

“The new premium services are about choice for the consumer,” “In the new digital music economy there is no single business model that fits all. That is why we give consumers the ability to listen to great music how they want, where they want and at a price they are prepared to pay.” says CEO Steve Purdham.

We7 are going to just compete head on with Spotify in the UK market. Im not exactly too sure this is a good idea. I dont really understand why We7 didnt just focus on becoming more of an international online music streaming site. We7 is very popular here in the UK, but they are still a long way behind in other markets. Maybe they are trying to run before they can walk. However, I understand that they feel they need to launch such a service as other competitors such as Spotify, Grooveshark, Thumbplay and MOG, move into this market.


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