Spotify Launch In Indonesia Later This Month

Current music streaming king Spotify is coming to Indonesia on March 30th.

Spotify are set to add Indonesia to the list of Southeast Asian countries they are available in at the end of this month. Almost 3 years since they first launched in Asia, starting in Singapore, the Swedish company announced via a new Twitter ‘Spotify Indonesia‘ that they’ll arrive in Indonesia March 30th.

Confirmed by Tech in Asia with Spotify’s managing director for Asia, Sunita Kaur, the launch puts Spotify up against the likes of Apple Music and Deezer already available in the country. They will have to additionally face competition from local streaming services like MelOn, one of Asia’s biggest music services.

Although for many Indonesians it will be a welcome introduction Spotify may face challenges. After Netflix became available earlier this year a state-owned telecoms firm went on to block it over concerns of it’s legality, despite government claims they weren’t involved and other internet providers still allowing Netflix in the country. The same company that blocked Netflix own music streaming service MelOn, so Spotify may be up against a wall when they’re introduced March 30th.

But let’s hope for a steady launch for Spotify in Indonesia on the 30th this month.

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