Spotify are planning to expand their music streaming service further across Asia with an expected launch in Vietnam and Thailand revealed.

Spotify’s Asian launch has been a long-time in the process, arriving in Japan just last November. Now reports suggest that more Asian countries are billed to get the world’s most popular streaming service soon.

According to TechCrunch, two sources “close to the company” reveal that Spotify are currently looking to hire a “music editor” in both Vietnam and Thailand. In the past Spotify have hired music editors in country’s shortly before launching there, like in 2015 when their Indonesian launch was preceded shortly by a Spotify Music Editor hire in the country.

Depending on how easily Spotify manages to find music editors for Vietnam and Thailand, both countries could see Spotify launching there by the end of 2017. Spotify have declined to comment on any expansions in this area at the moment.

Spotify have over 100 million users and boast claim to more than 50 million paying subscribers, beating out their competitors by miles. However despite their massive popularity there is still a large portion of the world waiting on a Spotify launch. Asia has been a big target for music streamers with the largest audience in the world, especially in China and India. Regional differences in law have made that a struggle, but one that is slowly being overcome.

We will have to wait for confirmation from Spotify but it seems likely that Vietnam and Thailand may be treated to the option of Spotify soon.