Make your favourite songs last forever with The Infinite Jukebox

How many times have you been grooving along to a track you love and it ends far too soon? Your wish for your favourite tracks to last longer comes true with incredible, and slightly mind-boggling, Infinite Jukebox.

The Infinite Jukebox solves the age-old problem of the greatest songs also being the shortest songs – at least that’s how it feels because you never want them to end. It uses The Echo Nest to decompose tracks into individual beats which it analyses and matches to other similar sounding beats in the song, essentially allowing endless loops by skipping seamlessly throughout the song for a never-ending musical experience.

Each song in The Infinite Jukebox is mapped into a detailed song graph which shows each individual beat in a circle with line paths between each matched section. When the track reaches a branch it can then jump to the other part of the song it’s matched to and for the most part you will have no idea the song isn’t just continuing to play. This can carry on, in theory, forever.

The incredible program was created by Paul Lamere, music technologist and blog runner of Music Machinery, at Music Hack Day Boston in 2012. He felt inspired to create it for his weekend hack at the event based on his previous hack the Infinite Gangnam Style which essentially laid the groundwork but used Gangnam Style only. Unfortunately in the years since it was created you can no longer upload your own music to it but there’s a selection of existing songs you can use to exemplify how amazing this build is.

Speaking on it’s creation, Lamere said: “I did have to adapt the Infinite Gangnam Style algorithm for the Infinite Jukebox. Not every song is as self-similar as Psy’s masterpiece, so I have to dynamically adjust the beat-similarity threshold until there are enough pathways in the song graph to make the song infinite. This means that the overall musical quality may vary from song to song depending on the amount of self-similarity in the song.”

Go check it out for yourself and lose yourself in Rock The Casbah or Billie Jean for eternity!

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