Spotify buys podcast discovery company Podz

Aiming to match Spotify users to podcasts they’re guaranteed to love, Spotify has bought podcast discovery startup Podz.

Spotify’s new Made For You mixes let you dive into the artists, genres and decades you love

Spotify unveil many new personalised playlists from the artists, genres and decades you listen to the most.

Hear what colours sound like with this Google Arts and Culture tool

New Google tool lets you ‘play’ a Kandinsky painting and experience synesthesia.

Podz makes discovering new podcasts fast and fun

Podz provides a personalised audio newsfeed of 60-second podcast highlights, based on your interests and shows you already love.

Google Arts & Culture: Blob Opera – Create a pitch-perfect opera quartet with your mouse

Prepare to waste hours of your day with Google’s latest experiment. Using machine learning Blob Opera replicate a four piece opera choir.

Google introduce Hum to Search – “Hey Google, what’s that song that goes na na doo da?”

Image credit: Google A new feature in the Google app help you find the song stuck in your head. Search with a hum, whistle, singing or “da na doo ohh”. While Shazam can help when…

Turn any sound into an instrument with Google’s Tone Transfer Magenta project

Google’s latest Magenta project uses machine learning to take any inputted sound and convincingly output as a chosen instrument. Google’s Magenta projects use machine learning to create art and music, while providing open source data…

Amazon’s AI musical keyboard is now $99

Late last year Amazon dropped the jaws of a fair few people with a brand new MIDI keyboard which is powered by AI to create music with you. The Deep Composer looks very much like…

Amazon unveils the world’s first music keyboard powered by AI

Amazon’s DeepComposer brings the power of machine learning to a keyboard to create entire songs in seconds from melodies. Amazon have announced their new musical software and it’s companion keyboard for another generation of music-making….

Make your favourite songs last forever with The Infinite Jukebox

How many times have you been grooving along to a track you love and it ends far too soon? Your wish for your favourite tracks to last longer comes true with incredible, and slightly mind-boggling,…