Google Play Music make playing music even easier with enhanced search

Listening to music has never been easier than it is now with the advent of so many amazing services, and Google Play are continuing to streamline the process.

Google have upgraded their Android app for their music streaming service Google Play Music with a nice search enhancement. Now when you search for music on the app you can start playing music as soon as the suggestions start popping up from the drop down menu.

It’s not a monumental feature but it’s an incredibly useful one that further streamlines the great music streaming service. The feature came to their desktop site a few months ago, allowing users to play from the suggestions before hitting enter for a full search, and must have been a hit with users as it’s now come to their Android app.

The search box shows it’s predictions with 3 recommendations based on what you’ve searched for. This could be a song, artist or album, and with a play button next to them now you can instantly start streaming the track or album as it comes up. If you select an artist from this screen it will automatically shuffle that artists music.

How long will it be until you don’t need to make a single tap to start playing the music you want? It could well be soon with the constant streamlining from music services like Google Play.

The update should be available globally on Android phones now however it may take a day or two before it works for you.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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