Google Home is dancing to a fresh groove with new music partners

Google have some new friends joining the party so that Home speaker owners can easily soundtrack their home life with a few words.

You can now ask your Google Assistant to play from the massive music libraries of both Pandora Premium and Deezer on Google Home, Mini, and Max. Both music streamers are now completely compatible for your listening pleasure on Google Home, Smart Displays and more.

You can link up your accounts as a Pandora Premium subscriber to search through all your songs, albums and playlists with just your voice and access Deezer’s 36 million High Fidelity tracks hands-free. With a Google Home Max you can stream Deezer’s HiFi music and really hear it thanks to the devices enhanced audio.

Previously Google Home users could use Pandora Plus and Pandora free on the speaker but the addition of Premium “boosts Premium on-demand listening to new heights of convenience, making it easier than ever to create the perfect soundscape for your sanctuary.”

Once you’ve linked your accounts is as simple as telling your speaker “Hey Google, play my Chill Vibes playlist on Deezer” or “Hey Google, play my Chill playlist on Pandora”. You can set either of them as the default music service on Google Home so you can simply tell it to play the music you want to listen to without specifying where to play it from.

You can even ask Google Home to play a song by telling it lyrics if you can’t remember the name of a song you’re itching to hear. You can also tell it to thumbs up or down tracks whilst your listening, create new stations with your voice, or if you haven’t quite got enough of a track yet ask it to play a song again.

If you’re the proud owner of a google Home you can try Pandora Premium free for 90 days. Deezer on Google Home is available for HiFi and Premium users in the U.S., Canada, Italy, Australia, U.K., France and Germany. Check the Google Home app on Android or visit to see if your region is eligible for a special 90-day Deezer Premium trial offer

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