The top up-and-coming Electronic producers and EDM artists to watch in 2017

Next in our series of the rising artists to keep an eye on this year we’ll be looking at the wave of awesome new electronic artists who are bringing in a fresh wave of new and unique beats, mixes and bangers.

Tom Misch

At just 21 Tom Misch’s smooth beats and jazz-influenced production work have established him as one of the UK’s hottest new producers. His skill doesn’t lie solely in producing however with a great voice and jazzy guitar skills. Following the release of ‘Beat Tape 2’ in 2015 Misch gained a major audience with fans falling in love with his unique style.

In Tom Misch’s tracks you can hear the wide influences on his music from Nirvana to J Dilla. In 2016 Misch released his ‘Reverie’ EP gaining even more notoriety as the talented young DJ works his towards a debut album. If the past 2 years have been good for Misch we think the next year will be even better.


OBESØN is a fast rising producer and a RouteNote favourite. OBESØN has been making music for 3 years and in that time has gained a loyal following of fans and even more who just love his music.

After building up his reputation OBESØN was a little more quiet throughout 2016 due to personal issues. But last month he said he’s back on track and ready to enter 2017 with a fresh mind. With OBESØN’s focus back on music we can’t to see where he heads next this year.


k?d is a young producer that built up a massive SoundCloud following last year. k?d’s unique production style combines heavy bass music with future house sounds for immense tracks that never fail to pack a punch.

2017 is looking to be a massive year for k?d as he continues to grow a massive audience and is set to play Buku festival in March.

Said The Sky

Said The Sky is the artist name for Trevor Christensen, another one of the incredible producers using RouteNote. He has spent the last 3 years devoted to creating incredible electronic tracks after growing up surrounded by music and inspiration.

Said The Sky’s music is a self-described blend of soaring melodies and emotive bass lines that he hopes takes you beyond listening and becomes an experience.


Drezo has been building a reputation for crafting dark EDM tracks that stand out in their powerful, darker production from the mainstream electronic scene. As his underground fame grows wider and wider Drezo is looking to take his vicious style to the masses.

Drezo has been recognised by some of the top producers around the world including Diplo and DJ Snake, putting him on track to dominate this year.


Axero is a French producer who at the age of just 18 has built a massive following and established himself as an incredibly talented. Signed to RouteNote’s label Outertone, Axero has been a favourite at RouteNote for years and a favourite for many others who love his distinctively upbeat house tracks and remixes.

Axero has been making waves across the EDM scene for a while and his career is looking set to rocket in 2017.


Alex Skrindo

Alex Skrindo is another Outertone talent that has been blowing up in the past year. Skrindo has built up thousands of fans for his intricately crafted progressive house tracks but has recently experimented in some heavier, darker house mixes.

2016 was a massive year for Alex Skrindo and with a bunch of awesome new tracks lined up for this year it’s going to be a year full of Skrindo.

That’s our list of the top electronic artists and groups to watch out for in the next year. Keep an eye out for our next in the series where we’ll be looking at the pop artists that we think will jump onto the world stage this year.
Is there anyone you think should have been included? Get involved and let us know down in the comments below!

Apple’s awesome new Logic Pro X and GarageBand features including Touch Bar control

Apple just added some major updates to their music software adding exciting new features and controls including awesome touchbar support.

Both Logic Pro X and Garageband just got some sweet new features making music creation on Apple it’s best ever. With new touchbar support Logic Pro becomes more intuitive and easy to control than ever before and Garageband’s new tools make creating music on the fly easier than ever.

First up Logic Pro X 10.3 gets updated with a modern interface and support for the new MacBook Pro touchbar which gives you intuitive, context sensitive controls that makes navigation simple and more streamlined than ever before. Using a new timeline overview you can easily navigate through your project, change the volume and access Smart Controls all through the touchbar. Possibly the coolest function with the new Touch Bar is the ability to use it as a keyboard for playing MIDI instruments or as drum pads for sampling and creating beasts. The Touch Bar can be customised to show all your favourite functions and shortcuts too.

Apple update music software Logic Pro GarageBand

With Logic Pro X you can now add tracks to your sessions in Logic straight from your iPhone and iPad, even if you aren’t near to it. With their new sharing option you can even upload special versions of Logic projects to iCloud that can be used in Garageband. This means you can work on projects wherever you go on your iOS devices then save it back to the iCloud and the new tracks will automatically appear in your Logic project when you next open it on a Mac.

Track Alternatives let users create and switch between different playlists of regions and edits on any track. This feature makes it easier to experiment with various creative ideas or evaluate different versions of a track as it evolves. Selection-based Processing allows users to apply any combination of Logic or third-party effect plug-ins onto any selection of one or multiple audio regions. It is useful for optimizing sound quality and a great tool for creative sound design.

Apple logic mac garageband music software update

Paul Epworth, a Grammy and Academy Award winning producer and composer, said: “Logic Pro X is an indispensable part of the creative process for me and the artists I work with. I’m thrilled to see all the new professional features that have been added. As a huge fan of the Alchemy synthesizer, I love that I can grab my iPhone or iPad and use Garageband to keep coming up with new tracks for my Logic sessions when I’m travelling and away from my studio.”

You heard it right; Alchemy, one of the world’s most innovative modern synthesizers and “a favourite of Logic Pro users” is now available on Garageband for user wherever you are in the world. Alchemy comes to iOS Garageband with 150 Apple-designed patches from a wide variety of genres, including EDM, Hip Hop, Indie, Rock, Pop and more. Alchemy also features a ‘Transform Pad’ that allows you to create expressive, varied synthesis.

GarageBand Apple Logic Pro X music software recording creation editing


Garageband on iOS also adds Multi-Take Recording which lets you take multiple gos at recording your track and even switch between takes to choose you best one. GarageBand also features a redesigned Audio Recorder which adds fun vocal effects for playing around with and for recording properly features sophisticates studio effects including pitch correction, distortion and delay. To give users more control over their mixes Apple have also added a bunch of advanced audio processing tools, including an interactive graphic Visual EQ and the ability to use third-party Audio Unit plug-in effects for expandable, creative sound design.

Apple music software production garage band logic pro garageband

Apple’s vice president of Application Production Marketing, Susan Prescott: “Music has always been part of Apple’s DNA, and we are excited to deliver yet another fun and powerful update to our music creation apps, GarageBand for iOS and Logic Pro X. These updates bring a wide range of new and highly requested features to both hobbyists and the community of pro musicians and audio engineers who rely on our software and hardware to create amazing music.”

Logic Pro X 10.3 and GarageBand 2.2 for iOS are both free updates for existing users. For new customers you can purchase the GarageBand app for $4.99 and Logic Pro X for $199.99.

Mike Tyson just dropped a Soulja Boy diss track; Welcome to 2017

Soulja Boy, you know that one guy from that one song that for some reason everyone liked, has arose back into relevance the best way a rapper knows how – by starting drama. Now Mike Tyson is getting involved and everyone is either incredibly bemused or amused, or both.

I think we can all agree 2016 was a hard year but 2017 is already looking like it’s going to be a lot more fun and, if Mike Tyson’s new diss track is anything to go by, a lot more weird. So Soulja Boy got into a feud with Chris Brown over who knows what, probably just a dick-measuring contest. That feud ended up with Soulja Boy taking shots at 50 cent and a planned boxing match between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown.

As hype for Brown Vs Boy grew and Soulja began training with worldwide boxing champion Floyd Mayweather (yes that’s how ridiculous this has gotten) none other than one of the world’s most famous boxers, Mike Tyson got involved. Confusing just about everyone, Tyson revealed the Damon Elliott produced track last week before releasing the full thing with a music video yesterday.

The track came in response to Soulja Boy’s diss track aimed at 50 Cent and Chris Brown, a track that is unbelievably even worse than Tyson’s just-about-digestible track. The track essentially features Tyson stepping up to the plate and saying what someone had to say to Soulja Boy; stop acting hard to cause drama because you’re a little bitch really, c’mon, aren’t you? Yes you are Soulja. Or in Tyson’s equally eloquent terms: “If you show up, it’s going down. I’m gonna teach him how to knock your ass out.”

Though it would seem obvious that this is just a chance for Soulja Boy to get back into the limelight, and I believe that’s why he’s embracing it, he said last week: “It’s not about the money at all. It’s about me, my respect as a man. I was disrespected as a man. I was challenged to a fight [and] I accepted the challenge. It’s not about the money. I’ve been making millions of dollars since I was 17 years-old. It’s not about the money at all. It’s about my respect. I’mma go into the fight and give it my all, and I’mma knock his ass out.”

Despite his claims, his emphasis on the money still doesn’t have me convinced that “it’s not about the money at all”. Whether the fight will actually go down, we’ll have to wait and see but assuming it does I think Soulja Boy wouldn’t be too far off when he says: “It’s gonna be one of the biggest fights of the century.”

Jay Z’s Tidal now lets you edit track lengths and tempos and save them in your playlists

Tidal are kicking off 2017 with some awesome new features starting with Master Quality Audio and now with Track Edit that allows you to customise the track.

Earlier this month Tidal added Master Quality Audio to their streaming service, making them the first streaming service to introduce the new audio format. Now Tidal are giving their users even more to brag about with Track Edit, a new feature that allows you to adjust the length of songs and the tempo/speed which you can then save into your playlists.

The new feature can be accessed whilst playing a track by going into the options menu where you can choose the length you want and then decide on the tempo. I’m not so sure about the use of the tempo function but the track length edit is major; there are many tracks I love but avoid listening to because of excessive introductions or closing monologues.

The new feature is available on the latest app update for Tidal, version 1.17.0.

ROLI launch 9 new soundpacks with Steve Aoki and RZA from Wu-Tang Clan

Developers of some of the most intriguing music tech in recent years, ROLI have come out with 9 new soundpacks full of quality samples and one-shots including from Steve Aoki and RZA.

ROLI’s new packs triple the amount of sounds available on their fascinating new magnetic BLOCKS devices through their companion app – NOISE. With a bunch of new possibilities included in the packs ROLI’s already fascinating BLOCKS can now do even more.

One of the packs comes from rapper, founding member of Wu-Tang Clan and hip-hop producer extraordinaire RZA. ‘Spoonful of Grit’ promises some hard and tasty sounds straight out of NYC in the 90s. The second featured pack is ‘Neon Future’ from Steve Aoki which promises “distorted gritty basses and uplifting beats” with 16 custom-made presets from Big Room Lead to Deep Bass from the DJ.

The other 7 packs cover a range of genres and interesting new sounds to play around with:

5D EDM: Create stompin dance tracks that will light up the room. Includes 2 dance drum kits and a selection of 14 synth dance-oriented presets including Big Room Attack and Killer Clown Slide.

Giant Dubstep: Create powerful Dubstep tracks with in -your-face drum kits and edgy motion basses and leads. Includes 2 Dubstep drum kits and 14 synth presets including Astroticks and Digital Burn Bass.

World Colours: Travel through a diverse world of electronic and acoustic soundscapes with an eclectic set of world sounds. Includes 4 percussion drum and groove kits and 12 hybrid synth presets like Tuned Ethno Clave and Kilimanjaro Mallet.

Video Games: Enter a fun and buzzing world of sounds that evoke old computer games. Includes 8-bit synth sounds, special-effect percussive sounds like the Forest Awakening Drum Kit, and humourous and playable sounds like Run Mario Run.

Hybrid Acoustic: A collection of very playable hybrid-acoustic sounds. Expressive mallets and zithers like the Worlds Apart Pluck evoke images of distant lands. Sounds like legato Orchestra or Steel String Guitar provide a more familiar sonic palette.

Expressive Electronic: 12 powerful and playable electronic synth sounds, that includes rhythmic sounds, leads and pads. Featuring Phaser Attack, Vintage Pad and Deeper Pad.

Synthetic Leads: 12 stunning electronic leads, from warm analog to searing solos. Featuring Vintage Mono, Theremin Mini and Overdrive Solo.

ROLI are planning to release even more packs in the future, saying: “This is just the beginning of an ever-growing collection of soundpacks from world-renowned artists and sound designers.” You can get a taste of what all ROLI’s new packs sound like from here.

The brand new soundpacks come free for BLOCKS owners or can be bought in the new Soundpack Store in NOISE.