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Zach Lieberman’s ‘Play the World’ Piano

by Tom Newman on August 28, 2014

A Google event hosted in New York ‘Dev Art’ last month, saw developer Zack Lieberman’s world connect piano.

Zack’s passion behind radio, and the ability to be able to tune into a number of stations around the world at any time, lead to the build of this keyboard.

On pressing a single note, the computer will search all stations within a certain region for similar sounding frequencies being broadcasted live. Depending on where the region is, it will play through one of many speakers.

As he states in the video below, although the note can be distinguished, you will never get a particularly musical sound, but more “chaos”. There is a threshold to adjust how musical these sounds are, but he has set this low to hear voices and other odd sounds.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

Joining the likes of SMS Audio and Intel, Jabra will be releasing its own heart monitoring earbuds, but unlike competition, without the wires.
The earbuds will talk wirelessly via bluetooth to a specialised Smart Life app on your phone. IP55 waterproofing, the earbuds should run for 5-6 hours on a single charge, with heart monitoring continuing after battery depletes. The app will include a bunch of workout features, giving you heart rate zone goals and allowing you to determine your VO2 Max level which Jabra claims is 98% accurate compared to proper specialised medical gear.

The earbuds will release on 1 October in the US for $199 and can be pre-ordered here, with a load of buds and ear wings to ensure a quality fit for your ears.

LFO Monsta – Avalanche [Outertone Free Release]

by RouteBot on August 27, 2014

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Anyone can use the music (even commercially) on their YouTube videos or any other media creation. The only requirement is that you must correctly attribute (credit) Outertone and the artist by a link to our YouTube & Facebook pages.

Nev’s back again with another amazing Launchpad cover of Arty’s new single ‘Up All Night’, featuring a cup… trust me!

Clean Bandit – Come Over VIP Remix

by Tom Newman on August 26, 2014

Clean Bandit have released the VIP mix of their latest hit Come Over featuring Stylo G and Cecile.

soundcloud advertising format native ads music audio

Soundcloud advertising units are now in the wild.

- “Native,” in which advertisers pay to promote content in the stream (see photo)
- Audio ads that will run as long as 30 seconds (though users can skip through them in 15 seconds)
- Sponsored tracks in which advertisers premiere new songs from artists
- Contests in which a brand might offer exposure on the platform for new artists
- Display ads, which will appear on mobile when users skip through to the next song (though not every time)

4 Million Tracks On Spotify Have Never Been Played

by Tom Newman on August 23, 2014

Spotify 80%

A few months ago, Spotify released some impressive data. Boosting over one million years worth of music being streamed, 24 million active users, 6 million paying subscribers, 32 accessible countries, one billion playlists and a bunch of other facts, but among the facts sees an interesting statistic.

“There are over 20 million songs on Spotify – 80% of these have been streamed at least once.” Which leaves an astonishing +4 million tracks never seeing the light of day. Take a look at This site searches through the unplayed tracks of Spotify, and bring them to you. Some of the finds may interest (or disgust) you.

“We love music.
That’s why we were so shocked to learn that 20% of Spotify’s songs (4+ million) had never been played. Not even once. A musical travesty, really.
So we set out to give these neglected songs another way to reach your ear holes, and Forgotify was born.”


Update to SoundHound Sees Rdio Integration

by Tom Newman on August 22, 2014

SoundHound Rdio

Along with speed increase, the music recognition app SoundHound 6.2 allows you to add tagged songs to a Rdio playlist from the app. Once connected with Rdio, SoundHounders will simply have to tap the “Rdio +” icon to instantly add the track to a playlist.

The update is ready for both iOS and Android.