Jam With Strangers Around The World With WholeWorldBand

WholeWorldBand let’s you record and jam with musicians from all around the world without any additional equipment.

WholeWorldBand is the application from Kevin Godley of 10CC and one half of Godley & Creme. WholeWorldBand combines music, video and the internet for a diverse portal where you can jam, create songs or add to other songs/jams all through your iOS device or desktop.

See WholeWorldBand as a giant, community driven, virtual multi-track recording studio that includes video. Using the built-in microphone on your smart phone, tablet or using a microphone with PC and Mac you either hit record on a blank slate or find someone else’s recording and record yourself playing/singing with them.

You can pick and choose between other users who have recorded on a track before to combine your favourites for a totally unique arrangement. WholeWorldBand also uses a built-in camera to record video for your recording or you can record video afterwards. So you can join a collage of musicians playing and performing all without leaving your house.

WholeWorldBand also features a selection of major artists including Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones), Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé, Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Within Temptation, Stewart Copeland (The Police), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), David Gray, Passenger and more.

You can download WholeWorldBand for free on iOS or go to the website to use it on Mac and PCs.

FL Studio 12.2 BETA Available Now

The BETA for Image-Line‘s FL Studio 12.2 is available now for users with an Image-Line Account through the Looptalk forums.

Here are the new features coming with FL Studio 12.2:

  • New vectorial interfaces – Updates for your favourite plugins (BeepMap, BooBass, EQUO, FL Keys, Fruit Kick, dB Meter, Delay 2, Delay Bank, DX 10, Fast Dist, Flangus, Granulizer, LSD, Multiband Compressor, PanOMatic, Parametric EQ, Reeverb 2, Slicer, Soft Clipper, Soundfont Player, Stereo Enhancer, Stereo Shaper, Vocoder, WaveShaper, Plucked!)
  • Harmor – 3 x tempo synced templates (2, 4 & 8 bars)
  • New Content – 1650 one shot drum samples in Packs>Drums>Mode Audio (inc. 121 Claps, 50 Cymbals, 353 Hi Hats, 349 Kicks, 219 Percussion/SFX, 57 Rims, 48 Shakers, 286 Snares, 57 Toms, 110 Foley)
  • FLAC export – Lossless compression format
  • UI enhancements – Separate colour and icon menu options for Playlist Tracks, Channel Rack buttons and Mixer Tracks
  • Typing keyboard to piano – 24 new scale presets
  • New demo projects – Winners and some finalists from the FL Studio Demo Contest in Projects>Song contests
  • Many bugfixes – test and let Image-Line know if they missed any bugs

Get the BETA for FL Studio 12.2 here.

Collidoscope – A Synth/Sampler Monster For up to 4 People

Collidoscope is the Dr. Frankenstein’s monster of music production made for up to 4 people, and it’s amazing.

A hybrid that combines visual sampling with a double granular synthesizer with which you can instantly record, chop and manipulate sounds. That is Collidoscope, the hybrid keyboard from the minds of researchers Ben Bengler and Fiore Martin at the Queen Mary of London Centre for Digital Music.

“Think of Collidoscope as a musical microscope that allows you to zoom into the sounds and explore their beautiful peculiarities, and in the next moment to play and perform your sonic discoveries like a musical instrument.” Bold claims that come directly from the researchers, but the reality is just as simple, unique and brilliant as they say.

With the Collidoscope’s simple recording through its gooseneck microphone and sample grabbing mechanic you can instantly explore a sounds nuances and turn it into something completely different. Using the slider you can edit how much of a clip to sample, which part of the clip to play and more all visually defined in waveform by its giant screen. It also features two 25-note keyboards from which you can control sample playing or use as regular mini-keyboard.

Collidoscope hybrid keyboard synth sampler

Beside the keyboards are two backlit octave navigation buttons for increased range as well as two additional, smaller sliders that “allow for the high passing of the sound and for the extension of the boundaries of the loop being played to its neighbouring audio material, fading in more of the audio sample without changing the rhythm of the loop”. Due to its impressive size and double-sided design it’s designed to be used by two people at once though it has the capacity to be used by up to four people, if you’re willing to get creative.

Collidoscope has been exhibited at Sonar+D 2015 in Barcelona and the Digital Design Weekend 2015 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. There are currently no plans for commercial release however Ben and Fiore say they’re “looking into where to go next with it”.

The Doors by Poe & CTZN (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien, Jam Baxter, Gee, Juan Alderete & Taka Tozawa)

Poe & CTZN just dropped their latest track featuring some underground legends. ‘The Doors’ is Poe & CTZN’s new track with features from Del The Funky Homosapien (underground MC, featured on first Gorillaz album), Juan Alderete (Bassist for The Mars Volta, Racer X and more) Jam Baxter and Taka Tozawa of Deltron 3030.

Featuring production from Juan Alderete and Taka Tozawa along with CTZN ‘The Doors’ is a 6 minute flow of unique beats covered by verses from the talented rappers featured on the track. Hear it for yourself below.

Poe & CTZN are part of independent label Study Music Group, one of the many independent labels and artists who use routenote.com to get music onto stores and streaming services. Use routenote.com to get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, iTunes, Google Play music and more.

WeTransfer Looking to Start Their Own Music Streaming Service

File-sharing service WeTransfer are joining the music streaming war with plans to release exclusive tracks from big name artists.

WeTransfer announced last week that they would be joining the market of music streaming with their own dedicated player. They want to make it clear however that it is not a direct rival to services like Spotify and Apple Music, with the intent of acting as a marketing platform for creators.

The Dutch, bootstrapped company don’t plan to make any money from music but intend to use it to promote big acts and in turn their service, with reports that they are currently reaching out to artists like Justin Bieber, Pharrell and Madonna. The upcoming service may be new but working with musicians is not, WeTransfer having previously worked with acts from Prince to Disclosure.

On its place in the Music Streaming market, WeTransfer said: “To be clear, WeTransfer’s new music streaming-solution is not a direct competitor of SoundCloud, Spotify or other music-streaming platforms. Those are dedicated players. The streaming solution is very different and is primarily a marketing channel for the creator.”

WeTransfer also gave a hint at how the player would work, adding: “With this player, artists get a focused campaign to deliver their content to our massive audience. It is more of a complement to their activities on Spotify or SoundCloud.”

WeTransfer are able to provide 45 second advertisements through their website which rotates screen backgrounds for 45 seconds at a time. For actual content WeTransfer intend their music service to be used as a platform more for mixes, rough cuts and music videos rather than full length albums. Kadiks compared it to SoundCloud in that it’s open for anyone to post music to.

The player, expected for release in early 2016, is also going to used as a form of marketing for WeTransfer, hoping that this shift will set them apart from competitors like Dropbox. Marketing Executive Maarten Kadiks said: “We’re using music to put us on the map.”

Kadiks continues: “The service can become one of the most popular, alternative digital distribution channels for music content. Musicians we’re having conversations with understand the value of connecting with our audience of creative tastemakers.”