EDM.com Promotes: Itro – Home

by RouteBot on October 30, 2014

Itro just received a great promotion from EDM.com for his most recent track Home. Have a listen.

Itro is a RouteNote and Outertone artist.

Misheard Lyrics – Sean Paul – Temperature

by Tom Newman on October 29, 2014

Go to YouTube and search ‘Misheard Lyrics’, you’ll be faced with thousands of results. One of my personal favourites is Sean Paul – Temperature. Listen to any Sean Paul track and attempt to pick out any words, it’s a difficult challenge. The user behind this video has attempted to do just that with this hilarious misheard lyrics video.

Pandora AMP Artist Testimonials

by RouteBot on October 29, 2014

Pandora AMP provides powerful insights for artists directly from Pandora. Log in here: http://amp.pandora.com

When Mama Isn’t Home Remix

by Tom Newman on October 28, 2014

The first 14 seconds of this video feature a father and son making music in the kitchen. Titled “When Mama Isn’t Home” this video has been doing the rounds on YouTube and Facebook, racking up an impressive amount of attention. Then (as with almost all viral hits) a genius came along and turned it into this “incredibly generic bigroom remix”.

Dropout ft. ZADA – So Long [Free] (Premiere)

by RouteBot on October 28, 2014

First listen to the new Dropout track featuring Zada. Enjoy!

Also free to download.

Summertime Vibes: Mako – Sunburst

by RouteBot on October 24, 2014

Mako are back with a brand new track and its called Sunburst. Very cool track.

The nations favourite children’s TV double-act The Chuckle Brothers, collaborated with rap star Tinchy Stryder to create this hilarious music video.

B&O BeoPlay A2 Portable Bluetooth speaker

by Tom Newman on October 24, 2014

BeoPlay A2

Large, high quality, expensive design is what sets B&O apart from other speaker manufacturers. So when B&O announced the new BeoPlay A2, it seems to be set apart from the rest of the companies product line.

The new BeoPlay A2 is a first for B&O, directed towards the portable user. With a slim, flat profile and leather handle, not to mention 24 hour battery, which is more than enough for any user. A little on the heavy side at 1.1 kg.

Build quality follows suite, this speaker aesthetically looks great. Its aluminium and poly-carbonate body should provide a sturdy product for any travel. However, Bluetooth isn’t known to produce anything of real high quality standards, which is traditionally what B&O are all about.
Sound quality can only truly be judged upon listening. With 180 watts of audio power, a woofer, a tweeter and a passive bass radiator enclosed, specs place this speaker near the top end on paper. A technology B&O are calling True360 allows you to place the speaker in any orientation, then… “Just listen and enjoy.”

The BeoPlay A2 is available for £299. Not what you’d call cheap, but a lot more affordable than the average B&O product. Three colours give you the option of elegant green, pitch black or cool grey.

More information and store on their site.

BeoPlay A2