Explore the history of Moog with an interactive timeline from the Bob Moog Foundation

Follow a timeline of archived Moog catalogs and watch the history of one of the world’s most influential electronic instruments ever made.

The timeline features a giant selection of Moog related catalogs all the way from 1954, when Bob founded the instrument and company in his parent’s basement, to 1971. Issues featured come from R.A. Moog, Co., Moog Music (Buffalo), and Big Briar, Inc..

Explaining why those three catalogs were chosen the foundation said: “We chose the three companies featured because Bob Moog was centrally involved in all of them, although he did leave Moog Music, Inc. (Buffalo) at the end of 1977. Through these three companies, we can see a fascinating progression in technology and engineering focus.”

Each catalog lets you flick through the pages and see how the Moog worked and what it featured at that point in time. It’s interesting to see the evolution of the Moog synthesiser and for the biggest fans it is a treasure trove of information and historical trivia.

There are 70 catalogs available to flick through and read for free, all from the Bob Moog Foundation’s website. Even if you don’t have time to read through each catalog individually it’s interesting just to slide through the covers over time and see the gradual change in print styles.

Sample Magic release massive pack of synth racks for Ableton

Sample Magic have a host of great new poly and monophonic multi-synths based on classics all optimised to work perfectly on Ableton.

127 hardware-sourced presets optimised for Ableton in an intuitive rack format with customised filters, envelopes and processing. Thick SH-101 styled bass, lush Juno-60 pads, glassy Mono/Poly stabs and roaring SH-09 funk leads.

Featuring two tiers of 8 macro controls, Ableton Synth Rack serves up our most comprehensive and flexible Ableton synth solution to date. From inventive and inspiring analogue-style FX chains combining reverb, distortion, delay, chorus and hpf/lof filters, through to envelope style macros controlling the source sound parameters (ADSR, volume, filtering, transposition), Ableton Synth Rack comes complete with a classic pallette of hardware synth sounds perfect for deep house, nu-disco, future pop and more.

What’s Inside

Ableton Synth Rack works with Ableton Live 9.5 and later. You can download it for £16.90 from Sample Magic’s website.

Control your MIDI instruments by movement on your phone with AC Sabre

AC Sabre is a revolutionary wireless MIDI instrument and motion controller for electronic music producers, composers, performers and DJs, bringing dynamic performance energy to digital music.

AC Sabre is a new app from London based tech company Air Craft Media that uses your phone to control MIDI from your smartphone in a new way, with movement. AC Sabre reads your movements with the built in gyroscope and accelerometer and translates them into musical actions.

It sounds simple enough but AC Sabre has been intelligently designed to give you incredible levels of dynamic control over your digital MIDI sounds. You can pluck invisible strings, control up to 7 additional parameters with intuitive movements, incorporate performance into your playing and more.

While sound technology has advanced leaps and bounds, the tools we use for composition and performance haven’t changed in 30 years. Buttons, knobs, and faders – handy for tweaking but linear and lifeless for the performance and riff-making.

AC Sabre is a MIDI controller revolution. Experience a whole new dimension to your sound library that will have you giddy like the first time all over again.

Powerful Interface

The elegant multi-touch interface is intuitive at first touch, with depth on-demand. Immediate proficiency, but with the potential for virtuosity.

Intuitive, with Precision

Intuitive control of multiple parameters simultaneously with your movements. No gimmicks, or interpretive ‘magic’. Like all true instruments, what you intend is what you hear.

Music, Mastered

Arpeggios, harmonies, trills, vibrato, modal key changes, 200+ scales, portamento & legato. A maestro’s palette at your command.

And a little extra

Configurable touch ribbons and button, motion-mapping, note-locked pitch bending, polyphonic aftertouch, and… The Drone.

The app connects to your computer via MIDI compatible software like Ableton or Garage Band, or via apps that support MIDI input like Animoog and Nave. It is available now for £19.99 on the Apple App Store.

Universal Music ban streaming exclusives as they continue to split the industry

As music streaming becomes increasingly competitive and exclusive releases present an easy upper hand Universal Music want to end that.

It may just be coincidence, but in the wake of Frank Ocean dropping his new album ‘Blonde’ exclusively through Apple Music major label Universal Music are banning exclusive streaming releases. As the label responsible for 38.5% of recorded music sales and 7 of the 10 best selling albums this year, Universal’s influence could lead to a revolt against exclusives in the industry.

Revealed by Bob Lefsetz, creator of popular music industry newsletter’s, he claims that Universal Music Group’s CEO Lucian Grainge sent an email company-wide following Frank Ocean’s album release. The email told Universal employs and artists that they are banning exclusive streaming and will no longer allow artists, and assumably sub-labels like Kanye West’s GOOD Music and Dr. Dre’s Aftermath, to sign up for exclusive releases.

Although it may seem a bit authoritarian, disallowing their signed artists to make a business choice in the evermore popular realm of digital music, Universal are trying to bring an end to a practice that splits the industry and fans over money.

Apple Music, for example, have secured a number of high profile exclusives like Drake’s most recent album and, of course, the new Frank Ocean album. With the world’s richest company, Apple, behind the streaming service paying artists off isn’t an issue and it makes their service unavoidable for fans who want to hear their favourite artists’ new music.

Monopolising the music industry isn’t anything new, but digital music is still a fresh landscape and something that works well when it isn’t completely owned by Apple. Of course Apple aren’t the only culprits, Jay Z’s Tidal was the exclusive home to some of 2016’s biggest releases like Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo and Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

Hopefully other artist’s and labels follow suit with Universal’s initiative to keep streaming exclusives from making music streaming an unfair system. After all, who needs a well designed, intuitive music streaming service when you can just buy music so people have to come to you anyway.

Vevo seek half a billion dollars for upcoming subscription service

Vevo are reportedly looking for a giant $500 million in funding as they prepare to launch their own subscription service.

A report by the Financial Times reveals that Vevo have brought on Goldman Sachs to help them find $500 million in funding. Vevo are presumably looking to find money to help launch their upcoming, long awaited subscription service.

The music video service announced plans to add a subscription tier to their video platform in February but have since revealed little more like; when exactly is it released? how much will it cost? what are the benefits over it’s free offerings? Although remaining mostly tight lipped a job opening at Vevo suggested we could see long-form, original programmes.

According to the reports on Vevo’s new search for $500 million they also hope to expand internationally using the money. Vevo are currently in a better position than ever as they recently signed Warner Music on music video distribution. Warner were the only 1 of the 3 major labels that didn’t come together to start Vevo 7 years ago, now all 3 major labels distribute music videos through Vevo.

Vevo follow other free services like YouTube, the world’s biggest video hosting site, which introduced their first subscription service YouTube Red last year. Open music streaming platform SoundCloud also launched their first subscription offering earlier this year with SoundCloud Go.

With the world’s 3 largest music labels behind them you’d think Vevo wouldn’t have trouble funding themselves but perhaps their ambitions go further than their parent companies’ reach. Whilst Vevo look to receive half a billion dollars in funding we’ll continue waiting to see what we get with their subscription service.