How can I upload my music as a pre-save on Spotify?

Pre-Saves build hype for your upcoming release and let fans and keen listeners save your music in their libraries ready for the moment it goes live.

Make your music available on Spotify to Pre-Save and people around the world can make sure they’re ready to listen as soon as the release date comes around. Build hype and your following. makes it free and simple to make your music available for Pre-Save on Spotify. Create your free account at to gain access to 1 free Pre-Save, or if you’re a RouteNote user then you get 5 Pre-Saves totally free.

If you and your fans love having your music available to Pre-Save when a new release is approaching then you can sign up for a Premium account to get unlimited Pre-Saves. also offers Fan Links so that you can easily share your music with all of your fans no matter which services they each use. Fan Links compiles links to the different stores where your release is available and puts it all on one custom page that you can direct people to.

Head to now and sign up to Premium to unleash the true potential of your music.

How Much Does Licensing a Song for a Podcast Cost?

Licensing a track for use in a podcast can be very tricky. First you need to find out who owns the track you want to use, then you need to get in touch with them and negotiate a price (which could take months), then you finally agree and add it to your podcast. Its a difficult process that hasn’t really changed.

Until now!

Synchedin is a new subscription based music licensing platform that allows creators to signup, pay $49.99 per year for unlimited downloads and unlimited usage of anything within catalogue. Creators simply download and then use!

No back and forth email exchanges and no crazy high pricing.

Simple, Affordable and Easy!

Best of all Synchedin is part of the RouteNote Family so if there are any issues on any platforms they can be resolved immediately with no hassle!

TikTok is so popular that Instagram are copying them

Instagram are taking inspiration from the world’s latest massive sensation for new features as TikTok takes the world by storm.

TikTok is a viral social media app that has spread like wildfire throughout the world and now has over 1 billion users. The app lets users create videos between 3-10 seconds long and gets millions of views every day on their user uploaded short-form videos.

The Chinese based app Douyin and its Western counterpart TikTok has filled the vine-shaped hole in peoples lives and gone even further with popularity booming across the globe. With the rapid success of short videos, Instagram are eyeing up the trend TikTok has cornered.

The Facebook owned platform has been testing ‘Reels’ in Brazil. Reels are 15-second video clips that creators can set to music and share as Stories. They can be shared even further with a Top Reels section in the Explore page, where Instagram will collect those clips.

The feature sounds very much like TikTok’s entire platform, however it won’t be at the forefront of the Instagram app. Reels can be shared in private with friends by direct message or in a Close Friends group.

It will use Instagram’s library of music to give creators the option of what to play in their video. Music selections will include many of the music uploaded to RouteNote thanks to our partnership with Facebook.

Whilst the feature has debuted on both iOS and Android in Brazil, their Director of Product Management Robby Stein says there are no plans to launch it further yet.

They are also reportedly working on another feature based around in-app editing with music and videos. Other users will be able to take your Scenes and remix them themselves by adjusting the speed, music, timer, even adding AR effects.

Indian music streaming service Gaana sees 2.4x growth in subscriptions

Music streaming is getting big in India and Gaana are showing some great growth despite losses in the last year.

Indian music streaming service Gaana has revealed their performance for the fiscal year 2019. Whilst showing losses of 27 percent in revenues for the year, things are looking good for the Indian streamer otherwise.

The Times Internet owned streamer showed that subscription revenues had increased by 2.4 times indicating a boost in loyal listeners. Subscription revenues grew from Rs 10.8 crore in FY2018 to Rs 26 crore for FY2019, making up a third of their revenues.

The service commands a market lead for the number of listeners in the region. Their subscription growth is in line with a boom in music streaming as well as the growth of paid digital services in general throughout India.

Earlier this year, in March, Gaana were the first music streaming service to surpass 100 million monthly active users in India. Their primary competitors for the region, other than Western streamers like Spotify and Apple Music, is JioSaavn.

JioSaavn is the combination of two of India’s favourite music services, JioMusic and Saavn. They combined their platforms last year to combine Saavn’s music streaming service with the $670 million services of JioMusic.

Gaana’s CEO, Prashan Agarwal, reckons that the music streaming market will have about half a billion users in the next 4-5 years. He expects for them to take on “a majority” of those users and expects to double their user base and became profitable.

Agarwal said: “As of now, only 10 percent of the Indian population is consuming music online. But it is one of the hottest sectors for advertisers looking to tap into an engaged and primarily millennial audience. As the number of users goes up, there is significant potential for increased advertising revenues on the back of customised branding solutions.”

Hercules DJ reveal their new Monitor speakers for true audiophiles and producers

Hercules have dropped a new pair of monitors for DJs and producers who really care about their sound, improving everything on their predecessors.

Today Hercules DJ, the company renowned for creating quality DJ controllers, surprise dropped their Monitor 5 speakers. Promising a new and improved design on their past monitors, these look to be their best offering for music lovers and creators alike.

The monitors are compact but powerful with a 5-inch woofer enshrouded in a Kevlar membrane capable of 50 watts on their own. Each speaker is completed with a 30 watts, silk-dome tweeter for a total capability of 80 watts of high quality sound.

The bi-amplified speakers use dual bass ports to adapt themselves to their environment whether it’s a large open room or a small nook. Hercules are proud of the versatility of these speakers, thus have removed the ‘DJ’ from the title.

The Monitor 5’s are the first in the speaker series, which Hercules launched 6 years ago, that they’re selling as an audio companion beyond music production, for parties, even to accompany a home theatre set up plugged into the TV. With their slick wooden enclosures the Monitor 5’s look good and will fit in to most environments.

Here are the key features of Hercules’ new speakers:

• 5 inch woofers
• Balanced dual bass ports
• Speaker enclosures crafted of high-density MDF
• 80 watts RMS output power per speaker
• RCA, TRS (6.35 mm) and XLR inputs
• Compact design, perfect for any space

• On/Off switch on front of each speaker for easy access
• Master volume knob on front of each speaker for more
precise control
• Indicator light in ON position
• High-frequency adjustment: + or – 2 dB
• Low-frequency adjustment: + or – 2 dB
• Adjustable low-frequency cutoff: 56 Hz, 80 Hz or 100 Hz
Audio inputs (to connect a computer, DJ equipment, mixer):
• TRS (6.35 mm, balanced input)
• XLR (balanced input)

A pair of Hercules DJ Monitor 5’s will set you back $299. You can order yours now from their website.

How does Spotify count a ‘listen’ or ‘stream’ on a song?

Does simply starting a song count? What if you have it on replay? Do offline streams count? These Qs and more answered below.

How exactly do Spotify classify ‘one play’ or ‘one stream’ of a song? This is important to know for artists as it is what will count towards your total plays and the revenue you earn.

Spotify classifies a single stream of a song when it has been listened to for 30 seconds or more.

If you restart the song, whether by having it on repeat or clicking it again, it will count as another play after 30 seconds have been listened to again.

If you listen to a song offline that you have saved in your library then each play will still count after 30 seconds the same. Spotify will track your offline plays and add them to their servers when you next connect to the internet.

So if you end up skipping the end of a song, as long as you’ve listened for over 30 seconds it will still count.

How do I edit my artist profile on Apple Music?

Once your music is live and streaming on Apple Music it’s time to customise your artist profile and get the image you want.

At RouteNote we make it free and simple to release your music on all of the top services like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and of course; Apple Music. Once it’s live you can track your streaming data and make your profile look just how you want it.

Apple Music for Artists is a platform just for artists with their music on Apple’s popular streaming service. It gives a detailed snapshot of how your music is performing in plays as well as milestones and showing playlists that are loving you.

On top of graphs and stats showing how your music is being streamed you can customise your artist profile. Once you’re signed in to Apple Music for Artists you can upload your own custom artist image for your artist profile and get the look you want.

It’s a great way to track who your real fans are. You can see which playlists people are discovering and listening to your music in. Take a look at the demographics to see who the people are that like you and where they come from. This can be invaluable information when deciding on where to tour.

Apple Music for Artists is currently in beta. You can apply to join the beta and wait to hear back from Apple with access to the service. Hopefully it will be released in full soon!

Sign up for free today to be added to waiting list for Apple Music for Artists beta.

Look Inside Bytedance / TikTok / Douyin Offices – Beijing

Bytedance is the creator of TikTok and many other social media and news apps. Here is a look around their Beijing office (161,458 sqft).

The team at Bytedance is very quickly growing in China and across the world in many international offices. Currently, they are said to be the largest private company in the world by valuation.

LyricFind’s eBay deal makes lyrics merch available everywhere

This Christmas, get your family’s favourite lyrics printed out on to a T-shirt or mug to show you truly care about them and their tacky aesthetic.

LyricFind aren’t just in the business of licensing lyrics from some of the biggest labels in the world, they also like people to wear those lyrics. Since November 2017 LyricFind has been placing lyrics on merchandise after launching LyricMerch.

LyricMerch allows people to print their favourite lyrics on shirts, phone cases, hoodies, mugs and more. The beauty of it is that, as the lyrics are all officially licensed, the artist and rights-holders get a cut every time their lyrics are used.

LyricFind CEO Darryl Ballantyne says: “Licensing a lyric means more than just using it with permission. It means royalties go to the people who make music happen – the songwriters and rightsholders. When you purchase a LyricMerch t-shirt or mug, your purchase earns money for the writers and teams behind the lyrics.”

LyricFind announced a partnership with eBay last week that will see their lyric emblazoned merchandise available on one of the world’s biggest marketplaces. With “targeted merchandise campaigns” browsers can search and buy a wide range of merch as well as being presented with offerings just for them.

Ballantyne spoke on the partnership, saying: “Having our products available on eBay for its global shoppers allows us to lean into a marketplace that already caters to our target audiences, making this a natural partnership.”

eBay’s Senior Category Manager, Chelsea Walsh added: “LyricMerch and its range of curated offerings will be perfectly at home on our marketplace, and shoppers will be thrilled to find that perfect piece of apparel or merchandise that represents their favourite artists.”

Just in time for Christmas, the partnership has launched with a Christmas gift guide. Featuring all of your favourite Lil Kim lyrics like “Boston put ya lighters up” on a blanket for only $69.99! What a steal…

How to get your music on TikTok and earn money for free!

There’s a free a simple way to get your music on TikTok so that billions of people around the world can use it in their videos.

RouteNote works with TikTok to put your music on their giant video platform. Distribute your music to TikTok for free and anyone can use your music in their videos to lip sync along or soundtrack their short vids.

It’s simple and free to put your music on the biggest new social media craze in the world and get paid every time your song is used in a video. With over a billion users around the world TikTok has a massive following and it’s only getting bigger!

Head to today and get your music out there!