Minim – The iPhone Sized MIDI Controller

by Jacca-RouteNote on August 3, 2015

Livid Instruments' Minim

The Minim is the new MIDI controller from Livid Instruments and separates itself as an individual amongst the plethora of MIDI controllers available nowadays.

The most significant difference you will notice is that the Minim is roughly the size of an iPhone coming in at 6.5 x 3.25 x 0.5 inches (LxWxH), so can fit in your pocket to take with you anywhere.

The size isn’t the only thing of note with the Minim though as it also comes with 3D motion control allowing you to adjust effects and settings through movement of the pad. The Minim’s expressive pads also feature toach sensitive technology so it will play intuitively to your touch.

As with any MIDI controller you can set it up to play the sounds of drums, guitar, synths, samples and whatever you like on the one device.

So what does it feature technically? The Minim comes with 8 ultra expressive pads, 15 buttons and 1 touch fader. Minim’s can connect wirelessly to iOS and OSX devices for use with DAWs allowing the ability to use it with iPhone and iPad devices for true on-the-go recording.

Minim also features a versatile design so you can clamp it to your mic stand, hold it with it’s no-slip rubberised bottom surface, play it on a table top or anywhere you want.

The company behind Minim, Livid Instruments, have been creating instruments made for musicians since 2004 and have gained significant popularity since. Livid Instruments say that with the Minim they want to make their instruments available to everyone, believing that anyone can create music.

The Minim is currently on Kickstarter where it has surpassed it’s $40,000 goal by almost half. For the chance to get the Minim early and discounted visit their Kickstarter page here.


Vocalizr – Connecting Producers With Vocalists Worldwide

by Jacca-RouteNote on August 3, 2015

Singers and Producers

As a producer it can often be difficult once you’ve created a track to find the right vocalist to really complete it, likewise it can often be tough for solo vocalists to find themselves music to get onto.

Vocalizr, a new website designed to connect producers with singers, solves that issue, giving you the opportunity to connect with vocalists and producers from around the world.

Vocalizr is designed to be a two-way marketplace that lets you discover vocalists and producers to work to together on an online collaborative workspace on projects known as “Gigs” on Vocalizr.

Public “Gigs” can be set up allowing users to bid to get it. If a Gig is set to private then only invited users will be able to bid. Vocalizr also features Contests where track creators upload their track for others to sing over the top of, contesting their vocal abilities.

Vocalizr is free to sign up to and use with payable fees upon the completion of a Gig. You can pay vocalists from Contests upfront for encouragement or you can pay them once the project is completed. According to Vocalizr they have already paid out $60,000 to vocalists since their launch.

Check out Vocalizr for free from here.


Earlier today Electronic Music store, Beatport, introduced the ability for anyone to upload their EDM tracks to their streaming service for free.

As promising an introduction as this is, it is revealed in Beatports terms and conditions that content creators will only receive 5% of the amount Beatport receives from every stream of their track.

It’s not just users streaming for free who seem to be getting shorted though as creators who upload Mixes to be sold by Beatport on the Beatport Pro Store will only recieve 10% of royalties made on their Mix’s sales.

Beatport’s new service looked to rival the electronic music community on SoundCloud with it’s similar model but with original content creators receiving 10% or less on their music this could be the dealbreaker that makes or breaks Beatports service.


Beatport royalties in Section C - 6 of their Terms and Conditions

Beatport royalties in Section C – 6 of their Terms and Conditions


Beatport Now Lets Anyone Upload to Streaming Service

by Jacca-RouteNote on July 31, 2015

beatport streaming upload free

Beatport, an online music store specialising in Electronic music, has made a bold move by introducing a User Generated Content streaming platform reminiscent of SoundCloud.

The service was announced by Beatport in the past 24 hours and much like SoundCloud will allow anyone to create an account and upload their original tracks for streaming on the service.

Artists will receive revenue from the streams on all of their tracks and can monitor their popularity through a play-count and “heart-count” which measures how many people have liked a track.

One of the unique features on Beatport’s streaming service has been the track information section where it shows you the BPM (Beats Per Minute) and the Key of the track you’re listening to though it is yet to be seen whether that will be implemented for user-generated content.

It is very early days for the new service, being made available to everyone, so only time will tell whether this could be the new home for independent EDM or whether it will go unnoticed.

Let us know what you think in the comments.


Goodbye Xbox Music, Hello Groove

by Jacca-RouteNote on July 30, 2015

groove music dashboard - xbox music rebranded to microsoft groove

Groove Music Dashboard

Earlier this month Microsoft announced that they would be re-branding their music streaming service ‘Xbox Music’ to Groove, coinciding with the release of Windows 10.

Windows 10 was released yesterday so Groove is now upon us. With a Groove Music Pass you will have access to Microsofts impressive library of over 40 million songs available for you to download and stream including artist-based radio and curated playlists.

Another feature boasted by the new Groove service is the integration with the OneDrive which allows users to upload their personal music collection into Microsoft’s cloud and play them anywhere (at least anywhere with an internet connection).

Groove is now available on Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, Xbox and as a web player. A Groove Music Pass will cost $9.99 a month with a free 30 day trial available here.


Stems – The ‘Next-Gen’ Audio Format For DJs

by Jacca-RouteNote on July 29, 2015

Native Instruments want to give DJs and remixers more control over their tracks with their new audio format; Stem.

Stem’s song files can contain four split track elements (For example: Drums, Bass, Guitar and Vocals) allowing more extensive creative options.

The files will playback as mixed stereo audio through any software that supports MP4.

In the video below you can find out more about how Stem files work.

You can also get a look at what it’s like mixing with Stems in the video below using Traktor Pro 2 and a Traktor Kontrol D2 hardware controller.

Amazon Prime Music Streaming Now in UK

by Jacca-RouteNote on July 28, 2015

amazon prime

Amazon Prime Music was introduced to the US over a year ago, offering around 1 million tracks for streaming and download, and Amazon has now introduced it’s streaming service to the UK, the first country outside of the US to have access to the service.

Although Amazon Prime doesn’t have quite the music catalog of its competitors it boasts an Instant Video streaming service (like Netflix), one-day delivery on Amazon purchases and use of Amazon’s cloud.

Amazon Prime is available for an annual payment of $99/£79 and is accessible on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Fire HD tablet, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.


Axero’s latest track Dusk has been pushed across a lot of top YouTube channels including Airwaves. Have a listen above.

Outertone: Tropical House 001 – Dawn

by Jacca-RouteNote on July 23, 2015


Songtree – Collaborate on Songs With Strangers Anywhere

by Jacca-RouteNote on July 22, 2015

From the team behind n-Track, the DAW for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, comes Songtree an app that allows users to create a track which can then be overdubbed by other users to create completely original songs.

Anyone can overdub the tracks and they can join wherever they want due to the unique “tree” design allowing you to select a branch of the song to overdub.

The "branches" of a song on Songtree

The “branches” of a song on Songtree

Due to the open-endedness of every track and the opportunity for anyone from anywhere to add to the tracks the possibilities are endless and can result in entirely different tracks from the same base recording.

You can browse a collection of the songs created from here.

Songtree is currently available for iOS devices with plans for an Android app to come soon, or if you just can’t wait you can join the beta-testing for Android from here.


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