Janji – Dawn

by RouteBot on March 3, 2015

Subtact – Falling (Audile Remix)

by RouteBot on February 27, 2015

RouteNote Launches FLAC Distribution In Beta

by Tom Newman on February 25, 2015


RouteNote is now trialling FLAC Upload Beta, a feature we hope will further enhance our services and our user’s experience.

For those who don’t know, FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a lossless audio compression, meaning that audio is compressed without any loss in quality.

We at RouteNote understand the needs and preferences of our users, and current trends in music distribution that lead us to anticipate higher quality streaming services in the future. We are committed to developing capabilities for even higher resolution studio masters in the coming months.

Our Beta service is currently available exclusively on our Premium option at no extra cost, with a full scale roll out planned should the service prove to be successful. Users will be prompted to try Beta each time they upload, but are reminded that the service is completely optional. Users are also reminded that this service will only apply to future releases only; current audio files cannot be updated.

For more information please raise a ticket or contact support.


Apple Buys UK Audio Software Developer Camel Audio

by Tom Newman on February 24, 2015

Camel Audio Logo

Camel audio is the company behind virtual instruments, plugins, and apps found in many DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), including the very popular Alchemy software synth.

This comes after the company shutdown in January, then senior counsel for iTunes Heather Joy recently being listed as the company’s sole director, with Camel Audio’s headquarters registered at 100 New Bridge Street – one of Apple’s London addresses.

Apple haven’t commented on the plans moving forward, but it will likely be implemented into either their basic Mac OS X and iOS app GarageBand or their professional desktop app Logic Pro X. Equally we could see their resources put to work in the upcoming iTunes revamp.

Camel Audio Alchemy


Recent reports show Apple are gearing up for a total redesign of its iTunes streaming service, powered by Beats Music. Last week came news that Zane Lowe was joining the team for an unspecified role, a new job post from Apple has been spotted looking for an ‘Editorial Producer’ in London.

Job Summary:
iTunes is looking for an editorial producer with experience across pop culture and a specific expertise in music journalism. This full-time position is split between editorial and producing duties. The editorial duties focus on writing, editing, managing a sea of freelancers, and working collaboratively with business and content heads to shape and define editorially driven merchandising promotions. As far as producing, this role will also focus on special projects and promotions, making sure all parties understand the timelines and deliverables associated with getting these pages live, and making sure we execute flawlessly and on time.

Currently iTunes editorial process revolves around placing new, popular and trending music in the top banner and around the homepage of the store. According to the ad, it seems journalism will be incorporated into this area soon.

iTunes have likely been keeping an eye on its competitors, looking for ways to compete with the current streaming giants Spotify. Spotify have its own area for editorial with its ‘Landmark’ feature. Spotify Landmark tells the story behind the classic albums from ‘Tears For Fears’, ‘Led Zeppelin’, ‘Nas’, ‘Nirvana’, and more to come, with exclusive interviews and behind the scenes. WiMP are also in this area with features, reviews and interviews as well as curated playlists.

Will iTunes become the new go to place for the latest news in popular music? It will be interesting to see how this develops in the coming months. Expect Apple to go public on all the changes come June with its WWDC event.

What Is Binaural Audio?

by Tom Newman on February 23, 2015

Make sure you grab some headphones before hitting play on the video below.
The Verge recently released a video going into details on the science of all things ‘binaural’. Binaural microphones, binaural beats, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), virtual barber shop, 3D sound, VR headsets, virtual concerts, etc. Take a look… and listen!

When creating a remix, there’s two roads you can go down. You can either take the simple route by adding to it with (for example) a more uptempo beat, which can be fine, as long as you are adding something to the original, or you can go creative by totally stripping it apart, taking the vocal part and creating something entirely new, which is what’s happened here, and it works perfectly.

OMFG – I Love You

by RouteBot on February 20, 2015

Last month Audio Technica released their successor to the much loved Audio Technica ATH-M50X. The ATH-M50X are still very popular for their great all round sound quality, with a very competitive price. Audio Technica’s new pair of ATH-M70X are designed to be a step up, with a higher price tag to go along. Marques Brownlee from MKBHD has made an in-depth video review, comparing the headphones to the previous model.

In all, with a similar design and subtle physical differences, the new ATH-M70X deliver a much flatter response, which to the untrained ear may sound dull, lacking bass and a little tinny, however great for use in media production. The ATH-M50X (while being cheaper) give a boost to the bass end and treble end, providing a more coloured overall sound, great for media consumption.

Audio Technica Frequency Response

Full names of composers, including middle names and correct spelling ie George Frideric Handel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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