YouTube have introduced a new grey ‘Checking’ clock symbol to identify a video is being checked for monetization suitability.

Typically soon after uploading, creators may see their monetization status flip between ‘Green – On’, ‘Yellow – Limited’ or ‘Red – Ineligible’ as YouTube’s systems decide whether video are suitable for monetization.

YouTube’s new ‘Grey – Checking’ clock symbol shows a video is currently being checked for ad suitability. This means creators can be more certain the green, yellow or red symbol is the final decision.

YT Studio

YouTube have stated you will rarely ever see this symbol as their system is so quick. Usually videos are checked within the first 20 minutes of upload and never more than an hour.

It should be noted, no ads will run on your video during this time. To maximise monetization revenue, it’s suggested you upload your video as ‘Private’ or ‘Unlisted’ until a green dollar symbol shows. Simply head to YouTube Studio’s ‘Video’ panel to check the status of all videos. Hit refresh to check after 20 minutes or so, then make it ‘Public’. This means ads will run the moment your video goes live.

This method also allows you check YouTube’s systems don’t incorrectly deem your videos as unsuitable for monetization. If this happens, it allows you to appeal the decision for a human check before going live.

Judging by the like-to-dislike ratio of the video below, it appears this introduction has been well received by the community.

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