Microsoft tease Focus Sessions on Windows 11 – a timer feature with Spotify integration

Built-in to the Clock app on Windows 11, Focus Sessions combines a timer, tasks list, Spotify player and daily progress.

Amazon’s new redesigned 4th-gen Echo Dot comes in Kids Editions

Launching at the same budget-friendly $50, the new Echo Dot aims to bring Alexa into all homes, making asking questions, smart home controls and listening to music a breeze. Amazon update their best selling smart…

YouTube’s new grey ‘Checking’ icon should clean up their monetization process

YouTube have introduced a new grey ‘Checking’ clock symbol to identify a video is being checked for monetization suitability. Typically soon after uploading, creators may see their monetization status flip between ‘Green – On’, ‘Yellow…

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation – Best Smart Speaker on Discount for $59.99

Amazon recently released the new Amazon dot with clock and they are offering a discount – so its available for only $59.99 Click here to take a look at all Amazon Echo Devices on Sale.

Wake up to the best tunes with a Spotify alarm on your phone

Rise and shine with a unique new musical alarm from Google which connects to your Spotify for the freshest start to your day possible. The Google Clock app may have just become the best way…