YouTube are testing a new feature that will let channels immediately appeal against demonetisation by sending YouTube a video.

There are few things more gutting as a YouTube creator than having your video demonetised when it’s raking in the views. YouTube want to help creators in their Partner Program resolve the issue more easily with an interesting new solution that they’re testing, according to an email shared on Reddit and confirmed by YouTube.

YouTube want creators who have been demonetised to send them in a video of themselves explaining their videos and why they feel their video should be allowed monetisation. YouTube’s team will review the video and decide within 7 days whether to re-instate the video’s monetisation or not.

At the moment creators have to wait 30 days in order to re-apply for monetisation after being kicked from the Partner Program. Whilst YouTube are only testing this new appeal process for now it will likely be celebrated by channels on YouTube allowing for a much smoother and more immediate resolution to what is, for some people, a livelihood.

Whilst YouTube may be easing up the appeal process for some creators who lose their partnership, they won’t be extending this hand to “harmful or hateful content”. The testing is only being rolled out to a very small group of creators for the time being anyway.

The testing comes after YouTube updated it’s rules last October to crack down on content they feel was trying to game the system for monetisation. Some creators have found the new measures harsh in its demonetisation of content, particularly when the process of appeal is so long.

This should be a welcome change for creators that is hopefully implemented wider following a successful test.