YouTube are reducing the frequency of adverts on TV, but it’s not all good news for the big screen experience.

YouTube‘s TV experience is getting a little bit more like the traditional television experience. That means fewer ad breaks but more adverts within those breaks.

YouTube are launching changes to adverts on their TV app across the board. A timer in the bottom right corner of the screen will show how long TV viewers have left before the ads are over or they can skip.

The change should balance itself out so that you aren’t technically seeing more adverts, at least with long-form content. It may actually benefit videos that are 20 minutes or longer, meaning less interruptions to the content you’re watching.

Short content doesn’t earn the same benefit. In fact, YouTube are now introducing adverts between YouTube Shorts videos when they’re viewed on TV. As with Shorts on mobile, you can skip past the adverts on to the next Shorts video.

YouTube began testing the feature in September and clearly found it to be successful. That’s perhaps because viewers watching YouTube on TV are more likely to be watching longer content and the adverts suit that viewing experience.

How do you feel about longer ads but with less frequency on YouTube on TV? Let us know in the comments below.