YouTube threaten to remove Danish music content from the platform

Danish collecting society Koda fail to meet a music license agreement with YouTube, while YouTube are in talks with Polaris for a Nordic wide music deal.

In a press release, Koda detail how their agreement with YouTube expired in April and a temporary extension lead to Koda receiving a much reduced percentage of royalties: “if the agreement is to be temporarily extended, Koda must agree to reduce the payment provided to composers and songwriters for YouTube’s use of music by almost 70%”. As Koda cannot accept the reduced royalties, Danish music videos under Koda may be takendown from YouTube.

YouTube responded to this claim, in a statement to MBW:

While we’ve had productive conversations we have been unable to secure a fair and equitable agreement before our existing one expired. They are asking for substantially more than what we pay our other partners. This is not only unfair to our other YouTube partners and creators, it is unhealthy for the wider economics of our industry.

Dan Chalmer – Director of YouTube Music, YouTube, EMEA

During this stage, YouTube are also in talks with Polaris for a single joint agreement for music across the Nordics that will replace local agreements with Norwegian, Finnish and Danish composers and songwriters.

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