After TikTok and 58 other Chinese-owned app were banned last month for security and privacy reasons, 275 more app are being looked into by Indian officials.

The report from The Economic Times claims that 275 apps are at risk of getting removed. This includes ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company) owned Resso, Tencent owned PubG, Xiami owned Zili and Alibaba owned AliExpress. These apps will be investigated by Indian officials and determined whether they violate national security or privacy law. “The government may ban all, some or none from the list.”

Launching in March 2020, the social music streaming app is still currently only available in India. After receiving big numbers in June, Resso has been installed an estimated 10.6 million times. Will we see a wider release of Resso before the potential ban takes affect?

The report continues to note, Chinese internet companies have around 300 million unique users in India. This is almost two-thirds of smartphone users in India that have downloaded at least one Chinese app.