Image Credit: Google

After launching on the Apple Watch almost a year ago, Google bring their music streaming service to their own smartwatches.

During Samsung’s Unpacked event last week, alongside new Galaxy smartphones and Buds2, Samsung announced the new Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic. Based on the Android mobile operating system, Samsung’s new smartwatches are powered by Google’s Wear OS. Google recently shared 5 things to try with Wear OS on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4.

After Google discontinued Play Music along with the Wear OS app, Google Play Music/YouTube Music users with an Android powered smartwatch have been out of luck. Interestingly, Google actually first launched a YouTube Music watch app on the Apple Watch, before their own watch operating system. At Google’s software event I/O back in May, they announced the launch of YouTube Music on Wear OS later this year. Finally, YouTube Music has come to Wear OS.

YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium subscribers will get access to more than 80 million songs and thousands of playlists. The biggest feature exclusively available on YouTube Music for Wear OS (not currently on Apple Watch) is downloads for offline listening. Downloads on Wear OS allows users to load songs on to the watch itself, allowing you to listen with no phone, cellular or WiFi connection. This is a great feature for those that want music while running without having to carry a phone. YouTube Music are also introducing a Smart Downloads feature. This refreshes the songs downloaded to the watch when it’s charging and on WiFi. The new Galaxy Watch4s have 16GB of internal storage. YouTube Music will also offer tailored playlists for the perfect soundtrack to whatever you’re doing.

YouTube Music is available to download to your Galaxy Watch4 from Google Play today.

Spotify also recently enabled offline listening on their Wear OS app.