YouTube’s new top 100 chart lets you see all of the hottest music on YouTube from week to week.

As the world’s largest video hosting site it can be easy to forget that YouTube is also home to millions of tracks in music videos, lyrics videos, fan uploads and more. Now YouTube have made it easier than ever before to find all the best music they have to offer with their new global, top 100 music chart.

The launch of charts isn’t just to appease fans though as YouTube want to promote music using their new chart, helping artists’ videos reach larger audiences. The list will be updated every Tuesday showing the 100 highest ranking tracks with their view counts, position and stat changes as well as how long they’ve been on the charts.

YouTube’s Manager of UK Music Partnerships, Eduard Castelló told us in an email: “With the combination of Music Charts and Music Insights, we’re working to provide the music industry with more ways to celebrate success on YouTube and for users to discover new content. From artists looking for new people to collaborate with, to radio programmers researching the hottest new songs, to brands looking for artists for upcoming campaigns and more, these tools aim to bring you even more ways to drive success through YouTube.”

See YouTube’s new Music Global Top 100 charts, currently topped by Rihanna’s ‘Work’ featuring Drake, for yourself here: