YouTube launch a new feature that will introduce videos from creators around the world to a new global audience.

Initially tested with a small group of creators, YouTube expand Multi-Language Audio to thousands more creators. Among the initial test group included the most-subscribed to creator, MrBeast. Recently awarded a Red Diamond play button for passing 100 million subscribers, Jimmy Donaldson currently has over 130 million subscribers on his main channel, plus millions more across 11 different language channels, such as MrBeast en Español, with dubbed audio for Spanish speakers.

With Multi-Language Audio, MrBeast hopes the increased views on the original videos from international viewers will super charge his channel, while easing the process of upload for creators and discovery for viewers. YouTube’s Creator Liaison, Rene, sat down with MrBeast to talk Multi-Language Audio, and MrBeast’s new company CreatorGlobal, helping other channels dub their videos into multiple different languages.

YouTube have already found success on their small scale test of the feature, saying in a blog post “we found that creators testing multi-language dubbed videos saw over 15 percent of their watch time coming from views in the video’s non-primary language. And, on average, viewers watched over 2 million hours of dubbed video daily this past January alone.” YouTube have found over 3,500 multi-language videos uploaded in over 40 languages.

Creators with access to the new feature can add different audio tracks through the Subtitle Editor tool on upload. Existing videos can be updated with additional audio tracks. For viewers, audio track selection is placed in the setting icon of the video you’re watching. Content will automatically default to the viewer’s preferred language. Thanks to translated video titles and descriptions, viewers will also be able to search for multilingual content.

Video Credit: YouTube

Overall, Multi-Language Audio looks to be an awesome feature for all viewers and creators, that has the potential to open up a whole host of new video content to new viewers. It’s surprising it’s taking this long for any free video streaming service to implement the feature. The only real places we’ve seen this on digital video platforms, are paid subscription services like Netflix.

Going forward, MrBeast hopes the new feature will open up new possibilities, like adding alternate audio tracks in the same languages, such as commentary over past videos.

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