Image credit: YouTube

Find the hottest music making trends with YouTube Shorts music charts, highlighting the songs making the biggest impact across content.

YouTube Shorts music charts are here to highlight the songs being used in short videos. In a selection of new charts, YouTube offer listeners and creators alike a chance to find what’s trending and add it to their own music library.

YouTube have launched charts in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and Mexico. There’s also a global chart which interestingly shows primarily Indian artists hitting the big numbers.

Each chart region has a Daily and Weekly display. You can view all the charts from their website here:

Users can click on the music in the charts to head to the music video on YouTube and stream it on YouTube Music.

Music is a vital part of the short video economy. TikTok began its life as a lip-syncing app before becoming so influentially tied to music that it has made the career of some small artists. Syncing music with content is a massive part of YouTube Shorts as well.

YouTube found that Shorts have the capacity to double the audience of artists. With around 70 billion views of Shorts every day, there is a massive audience there for artists to tap into.

YouTube’s Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen wrote: “YouTube Charts are a true reflection of global music culture and a celebration of artists and their success, powered by billions of fans around the world.”

The new charts come with a new Featured Carousel feature. This will highlight the top artists and their music. Artists featured here will be able to share their successes on YouTube and social media with custom cards.

With the huge potential of music on YouTube Shorts, don’t miss out! Get your music into the Shorts library for free and get paid when creators use your music. Sign up at