YouTube 4K Plus and surround sound audio is here on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is expanding bringing more to couch-based web video viewers with more from sports and 4K quality.

YouTube have just launched 4K Plus on YouTube TV, their app built specifically to work on TVs with more of a traditional TV layout. The brand new subscription package offers – you guessed it – 4K content on YouTube TV with any compatible TV or device, assuming your internet connection is solid of course.

Whilst 4K content is available on the YouTube site simply as an extra option in the quality settings, the 4K Plus package for YouTube TV will come at a monthly cost. The subscription offers a range of content notably including live streaming of major sporting events in 4K from NBC, ESPN,, and others.

4K Plus also comes with the ability to download shows in 4K to watch offline, whether that’s on to your device for travelling or just to watch later at home. The YouTube TV basic package offers three simultaneous streams but with 4K Plus viewers will be able to watch unlimited streams together; great for the families of avid viewers who all watch their own thing separately.

4K Plus is available for a free 1 month trial to get users started and then at $9.99 a month for up to a year as a limited time offer. Afterwards it will cost an extra $19.99 a month for users on top of their YouTube TV subscription package.

YouTube surround sound for all

A new feature that will be making many viewers happy, YouTube are launching Dolby 5.1 audio possibilities for all YouTube TV members. This means that all members of YouTube TV will be able to hook up their rigs and listen in full surround sound for a cinematic experience. This has long-been one of the most requested features from users and will no doubt be making many audiophiles pleased.

Live Sports on YouTube TV

YouTube are enhancing their sports streams to bring even more options to the way viewers can enjoy their favourite sports. A new feature allows viewers to jump to specific segments within certain events, allowing those who are watching on catch-up to head straight to the iconic moments. This feature was launched for news programs last year so that viewers could quickly switch between stories.

Users can find whatever sports they’re looking for through YouTube TV by searching for leagues, teams, or tournaments. With unlimited DVR fans can also save whatever content they want to watch later with no limits.

YouTube have also introduced a Medal count view, which lets viewers see gold, silver, and bronze medals easily. It works in much the same way as their stats view which lets viewers quickly see the scores around the leagues they’re watching.

Beginning June 28, 2021, eligible YouTube TV Family Managers can go to membership settings on any browser to add 4K Plus features for a free trial for 30 days, and for $9.99 per month for 12 months thereafter. After 12 months at the $9.99 rate, the 4K Plus add-on cost will increase to $19.99 per month.

Eligibility is for new 4K Plus signups only and is only open to participants in the United States who have an active YouTube TV subscription. 

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