What is a Spotify Code? How do I scan them? How can I share one? How do they help me as an artist? These questions and more answered.

Spotify Codes are a creative way to share, connect and discover music with friends, artists and fans. They are QR-like “scannable” tags that offer creators and music lovers a way to share songs, albums, playlists, podcasts, artist profiles and brand profiles, where links may not be suitable, such as physical media and platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Users need only point their camera at the Spotify Code or import a screenshot to be taken directly to the content.

How to share a Spotify Code via the mobile app

To quickly share content with friends or social media via the mobile app, find what you want to share and tap the three dots. You’ll see the Spotify Code below the artwork. Tap the artwork to enlarge or SAVE TO PHOTOS to share online.

How to share a Spotify Code on desktop for unreleased tracks, or high resolution and printed media

Head to spotifycodes.com, paste the Spotify URI or URL in the box and click GET SPOTIFY CODE. You can even include an unreleased track if you know the Spotify URI. From here you can customize the background and bar colour of your Spotify Code, before downloading it as a JPEG, SVG or PNG.

To find your Spotify URI prior to release for music uploaded to RouteNote, head to our URL Requests form under Artist ServicesMarketing. Make sure your release is approved and please allow 48 hours for requests to be completed.

Especially for printed media, be sure to follow Spotify’s best practices for Spotify Codes here. You can find brand guidelines in the FAQ page here.

How to scan a Spotify Code

To scan a Spotify Code on the Spotify mobile or tablet app, tap Search at the bottom, tap the camera icon in the upper right corner, then simply point your camera at the Spotify Code or Select from photos to import a screenshot.