Despacito became the most viewed video of all time on YouTube this month but now MTV are saying it can’t win a VMA award.

The video to Luis Fonsi’s Despacito took over both Gangnam Style and Charlie Puth’s ‘See You Again’ to take the top spot in YouTube views. It may be the most viewed music video awards but apparently it’s not eligible for a music video award.

According to MTV they say that Universal Music Latin Entertainment (UMLE), the label of Luis Fonsi, didn’t submit the song for consideration in the VMAs. UMLE however say that MTV snubbed them and didn’t ask for a submission until they had already released the nominations, by which time it was too late.

MTV did concede to allowing Despacito into the running for the VMA ‘Song of Summer’ category. MTV seem not too keen on Despacito in general, streaming it solely on their Latin channel rather than any of their main music video channels.

Universal Music Latin Entertainment spoke on the decision:

UMLE is surprised and happy to learn that MTV plans to recognize ‘Despacito’ in the VMA’s ‘Song of Summer’ category. We hope the nomination will lead to [MTV] airing the full video on their main channels.

We’re proud to work with [MTV] to expose new audiences to our artists’ music and we would welcome MTV’s decision to recognize Spanish-language videos on its main channel and the Music Video Awards program.

Although UMLE clearly have some sour feelings over the exchange they probably shouldn’t worry too much as the prominence of the VMAs have considerably dropped in recent years. Last year the awards ceremony saw a 21.6% drop in viewership down to 8.3 million.

With almost 3-and-a-quarter of a billion views on YouTube alone I think Despacito’s notoriety is safe without a shiny piece of metal from the ex-relevant music video champion.