Loops and samples are a producers best friend, providing endless opportunities to use and rework unique sounds, melodies and rhythms into a new surrounding. But quality samples are hard to find without denting your wallet, so we’ve collected the best places to go where they are free to download.


SampleRadar loops multi loops samples free download royalty free music production

SampleRadar is a giant hub of free loops, hits, and multis offered by music news and tech publication MusicRadar. It’s updated all the time and full of every type of sample you could ever imagine. Whether you’re looking drum hits, acoustic guitar samples, reggae loops, ambient sounds, or really just anything – SampleRadar has the packs for you.

There are over 66,000 samples available for completely free download with SampleRadar. All of the samples are royalty free and come from the discs included with Computer Music and Future Music magazine. We highly recommend you have a scroll through all the packs that they have to offer and expand your library with a whole host of tasty new sounds and samples.

Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library

Converse Rubber Tracks sample library samples sampling loops hits music production producer

Converse are best know for their shoes but they also have a wicked audio library full of high quality samples that they’re giving away for free. The Rubber Tracks Sample Library is a bunch of professional samples recorded at Converse’s Rubber Track studios.

There are percussion packs, moog synth sounds, clips, blips, trips and much more. All of the samples in the surprisingly extensive library are free download and entirely royalty free so you can use them however you like with no strings attached.

Producer Loops

Producer loops music production samples loops hits sampling

Producer Loops isn’t inherently a free sample site but it does currently offer 86 amazing sample packs at no cost. And their free offerings may not be as regularly updated as the rest of the website but you can be sure that when a new pack is added it will be a quality treat.

The highlighted pack is currently in theme with next week’s festivities and offers a spooky Halloween selection of loops based on recent tracks from producers like Martin Garrix and Steve Aoki. Every pack is up to a premium standard and offers a wide selection of tasty sounds that are completely free to use


Samplephonics free samples loops music production sampling

As with Producer Loops, Samplephonics offers a premium library of paid for sample packs. But with premium charges comes premium sample packs, so you know that their free offerings are of real worth and the best quality.

You will need to sign up with a free account to take advantage of Samplephonic’s free library of samples, loops, and packs – even synth presets. With packs ranging from amazing brass recordings, future bass effects, professional vocals and much more, Samplephonics has a lot to offer the producer on a budget.

HipHop Makers

Hip Hop makers samples production music producers

Despite the site’s name HipHop Makers have loads of high quality packs for anyone, regardless of style. That said, if you’re a Hip-Hop producer you may have just found your new favourite site for sample packs.

The bread and butter of this site are the numerous drum kits, drum loops, hits and basically the hundreds of percussive possibilities offered in the multiple packs on HipHop Makers. It doesn’t stop there though with Kanye West style loops for inspiration, heavy brass for some fat melodic beats, piano loops for an old school sound, and much more.

Any sites that you use and love for free samples? Share the love and post them in the comments below.