Image Credit: Spotify

After launching in 80+ new countries around a year ago, Spotify reveal the streaming habits and growth of local artists in these regions.

Announced at Spotify’s Stream On event last year, the streaming service launched in 80+ new markets, adding 36 new languages in countries across Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America. This expansion introduced Spotify to over one billion listeners, bringing local sounds and stories to a global audience and seeing millions of new creators create, discover and build careers in audio creation.

One year in, and Spotify share their progress in the new countries with this infographic, showing among other stats, the increase in the number of artists streamed, countries with the most streams, new artists and songs in new countries, new genres being discovered around the world and popular languages listened to in new markets.

Image Credit: Spotify

Want to hear some of the amazing new music from local artists? Discover Asakaa, the Ghanian drill genre below.

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