Many musicians creating at home mix their music down on headphones as doing so in poor acoustic rooms leads to bad quality mixes.

And headphone EQ profiles are fantastic tools for those whose rooms are not fit for music production.

Well, Waves Audio has given its lines of Nx headphone mixing plugins a huge update, reports Rekkerd.

Waves Audio updates its headphone mixing plugins

The new update adds EQ correction curves for over 270 popular music production headphones by 54 headphone brands.

Now, every Waves Nx plugin – be it Abbey Road Studio 3, Nx Ocean Way Nashville, CLA Nx, or Nx Virtual Mix Room – offers EQ correction profiles for any pair of pro audio headphones that you can think of.

Waves Audio Nx Ocean Way Nashville headphone mixing plugin interface – Image Credit: Waves Audio

The method of EQ correction found in Waves Audio’s Nx plugins is the Harman Headphone Target Curve.

Today, this is thought to be the most definitive representation of how flat speakers sound in an acoustically balanced room – all over headphones.

The EQ profile updates for models from brands like Shure, Audio-Technica, Sony, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, AKG, and more makes Waves’ collection of Nx plugins one of the most complete headphone reference software products there is.

In fact, it’s the only reference software that offers both EQ correction for every major pro audio headphone model in addition to 3D acoustic simulations of the professional finest studios.

3D studio simulations include both the infamous Abbey Road and Ocean Way Nashville studios. However, they also offer simulations of Germano Studios New York and Chris Lord Alge’s Mix LA.

Waves Audio’s Nx plugins will make it easier for you to make better mixing decisions on all fronts. And right now you can save over 70% on each plugin!

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