A Swedish company have made a guitar that even guitar-smashing veteran Yngwie Malmsteen can’t break even when it’s smashing through Marshall stacks.

Swedish engineering firm Sandvik have made a name for themselves in creating powerful tech that makes for an impressive display. Their self driving, 38-ton mining machine navigated through a glass maze last year before their CEO sent it smashing through the glass to exhibit their tech.

Their latest creation is something quite a bit different. Sandvik claim that they have created a guitar that is smash proof. The guitar is made of all-metal and uses the company’s precision techniques for a truly unique build.

To test their claim the company gave one of their metal guitars to guitar hero and serial smasher; Yngwie Malmsteen. Yngwie reckons that he’s smashed over 100 guitars on stage in his time playing so if anyone is a veteran in destroying instruments it’s him.

In their video you can see Malmsteen swing the guitar around, smash it into amps, launch it above his head and on to the stage. After tearing Marshall amps to dust with the guitar, Malmsteem says: “This guitar is a beast! I gave everything I had, but it was impossible to smash.”

The Smash-Proof guitar took multiple divisions of the company teaming up to create. They prioritised the use of 3D printing to help them accurately create a guitar that sounded good but with the “the strongest structure in the world”. Some pieces are as thin as a millimetre thick so building the guitar with precision was vital to making it work.

Machining process developer at Sandvik, Henrik Loikkanen said: “We had to design a guitar that is unsmashable in all the different ways you can smash a guitar. The engineering challenge was that critical joint between the neck and the body that usually cracks on a guitar. Precision was critical.”

To strengthen the guitar’s joints they connected the neck to the body by extending the neck to make up part of the body so it had a strengthened hub to attach deep into the guitar’s body. Watch the design process and making of this unique guitar below.