Build pretty loops, sequences and chords with this simple yet versatile synthesizer straight from your web browser.

Tones is a simple, open and collaborative music-making platform that works straight from your browser. It’s as simple as tapping a pattern of notes using dots on a board, each one representing a note in the scale. Add multiple dots to make chords and space them out to create melodies.

You can edit your piece by changing the key, scale, offset and also toggle a drum line on and off. Then to really start experimenting go into sounds and effect the filters, synth, shape and more to completely change the dynamics of your sound. It’s surprisingly deep with ADSR filters!

You also have Noise, Echo and Reverb effects to play with. Once you’ve got a pattern out you like you can add another to play afterwards, and select how many times you want each one to loop in a sequence.

The best way to find out how fun and cool Tones is to play with it yourself. You don’t need musical experience, just start playing around and making noise! It’s a great and simple way to have a bit of fun with music without leaving your web browser.

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